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Resistance 3: “Brutality Pack” available now

If you’re craving some more reasons to play Resistance 3, Insomniac just dropped a new sliver of action for you to bounce up on. The Brutality Pack, priced at $3.99, features a new horde-like survival mode (online and local co-op), … Continue reading

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Black Friday PS3 bundle leaked?

It may seem a little early to be thinking about the holiday shopping season, but then you remember that Black Friday is only a little over a month away (!). As such, it makes sense that Sony already have their … Continue reading

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Resistance 3 Review

Despite launching with the PlayStation 3 in 2006, Resistance has never been as popular as other Sony franchises. Quite frankly, that’s because the games were never as good as anything under the Sony banner. Killzone 2 and 3 play and … Continue reading

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Resistance 3 to get a new mode and free maps in October

Sony is celebrating today’s release of Resistance 3 to the general public on their official blog, and in doing so they also announced DLC for the near future. On October 4th, gamers will be able to download the Survival Pack, … Continue reading

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PS3 Collections that You Should Consider

What’s up, PSU Alumni? Over the last couple of months, Sony has been producing more and more game collections. Usually sporting around 2-3 games and being sold at a reduced price, these collections are steals. Today I’m going to show … Continue reading

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How to get Resistance 3 free with Sony’s PlayStation 3D display, after all

When Sony pulled the curtain back on their new PlayStation-branded 3DTV, people were impressed. The TV offers same-screen multiplayer without the need for split-screen, is a crazy-affordable $499, and to top it off would come with a free copy of … Continue reading

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Resistance 3 goes gold, Sony celebrates with new trailer

Sony has announced gold status for Resistance 3, and has celebrated by releasing a new trailer for Insomniac’s hotly anticipated PlayStation 3 exclusive shooter. In it, we see protagonist Joseph Capelli leave his family in Oklahoma in a bid to … Continue reading

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Resistance 3 beta opens August 4th for SOCOM 4 buyers

Good news for those of you wondering when you’d be able to redeem those beta codes with your copies of SOCOM 4: you’ll be able to get in on the Chimera-blasting action on August 4th, one week from today. If … Continue reading

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Sony Confirms Network Pass Program
Sony-Confirms-Premium-PSN-Service-Details-Very-Soon (Custom)

For the past few days there have been many rumors about Sony starting an “Online Pass” program that’ll be debuting with Resistance 3 this September. Rumors were actually true, as Sony has officially confirmed the “PSN Pass.” Here’s what Sony … Continue reading

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