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Standalone Blu-ray player sales catching up to PS3

According to Home Media Magazine, standalone Blu-ray players are catching up to the PS3 as most popular Blu-ray player device in U.S. households. Just in the last six months, standalone Blu-ray players have gobbled up 45% of the Blu-ray market, … Continue reading

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TGS ’10: PS3 reaches 38 million units sold worldwide

Among the many announcements during Sony’s TGS press conference today, one that should stand out as a milestone for the entertainment media giant is its current stance in worldwide PS3 sales. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan president Hiroshi Kawano stated Sony … Continue reading

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PS3 outsold 360 by 4 million in past 12 months

So with the announcement of Sony’s latest financial results came an update on the console sales race. As reported in a previous story, the gap between the PS3 and Xbox 360 is now only 3.6 million units. But how did … Continue reading

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PS3 has outsold 360’s 2010 with 3 months to spare

With Microsoft releasing its end of fiscal 2010 results, we can see how Sony’s PlayStation 3 has done in relation to the Xbox 360. Surprisingly, despite strong sales in the US, the 360 has already been beaten by the PS3 with … Continue reading

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EA: PlayStation 3 ‘on fire’

EA has spotted the PS3 resurgence, bringing exclusive content to the console for a number of its games. In fact the publisher thinks Sony’s console is ‘on fire’. Not literally ‘on fire’ though – unless you’ve suffered the YLOD and … Continue reading

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Sony: PS3 consistently outselling 360 week-in, week-out

The PlayStation 3 has certainly been picking up momentum ever since the release of the PS3 Slim. With the advent of 3D gaming and PlayStation Move on the console, Sony hopes this momentum will keep on going – continuing a … Continue reading

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PS3 hardware outsells Xbox 360 by 25% in Europe

According to the latest European data, Sony’s PlayStation 3 is outselling the Xbox 360 by approximately 25 per cent in the first four months of 2010. This hardware discrepancy points towards Sony’s latest effort to close the gap between Microsoft’s … Continue reading

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PS3 software sales outstrip Xbox 360’s: PS3 attach rate up to 8.1

There’s a well worn saying that software doesn’t sell on the PlayStation 3, at least in comparison to the Xbox 360. However, things may be changing, since there’s been a significant improvement in both the PS3’s software and hardware sales. … Continue reading

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PS3 & Xbox 360 gap drops to just 4.5 million

Hardware sales flutter the hearts of some console fanboys, but we find the statistics interesting nonetheless. Sony today announced its financial 2009 year results, and though the Networked Products & Services division (which includes the Games business) lost $893 million … Continue reading

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Original LittleBigPlanet has sold over three million

Critics of Sony’s advertising campaign for LittleBigPlanet pointed to the game’s supposed lackluster sales. The game may have had a slow start, but word of mouth has propelled the PlayStation 3 favourite to the status of best-seller. With over two … Continue reading

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