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Little Deviants Review

The new PlayStation Vita is a desirable device to a wide demographic of hardcore gamers, and young kids are just as dazzled by new technology as adults are. The software response to this is Little Deviants, meant to appeal to … Continue reading

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WipEout 2048 Review

WipEout has always been a rock-solid racing series, but it’s also doubled as a technical showcase for whatever PlayStation system it happens to appear on. WipEout 2048 strives to do the same for Sony’s shiny new Vita, and it’s mostly … Continue reading

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SCEE hits Twisted Metal with a delay and censor cuts

With gamers everywhere looking forward to a Valentine’s Day massacre, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe have pulled the rug out from under its regional demographic at the last minute. The game will be delayed into March, and will see some cuts … Continue reading

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Sony set to offer multiple price points for Vita titles

Sony will be looking to offer a number of different price points for PlayStation Vita titles, according to SCEE boss Jim Ryan. During a PlayStation event in London last week, Ryan told GameIndustry.biz that “it would be safe to assume … Continue reading

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SCEE announces Vodafone as preferred 3G provider for Vita

For those in European markets wondering what 3G carrier they would have to deal with to get their Vita online while on the go, SCEE finally have an answer. Today they announced that they would be partnering with Vodafone as … Continue reading

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SCEE trademark speculated to be new Quantic Dream title

A trademark registration from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe for the title ‘Infraworld’ has been uncovered. The eagle-eyed internet sleuth known as Superannuation made the discovery, and speculates the title may be for one of the two projects currently in development … Continue reading

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