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Five Reasons Why a Final Fantasy VII Remake or Sequel WILL Happen

Back in May of 2005, Square Enix did something that perhaps they regret. The PlayStation 3 had yet to be released, but we were getting plenty of trailers to remind us how amazing it was going to be. Some developers … Continue reading

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Army of Two 3 in development, to be titled Army of Four

If your head didn’t explode from trying to comprehend that headline, then you’re lucky enough to hear that the Army of Two franchise is still alive and kicking. Kotaku reports that the next title is being developed by EA Montreal … Continue reading

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Alice: The Madness Returns Review

The original American McGee’s Alice came out back in October 2000 for the PC. While I never really played much of the first one (Sorry, keyboards make lousy controllers), I liked the concept and the artwork behind it. So when … Continue reading

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