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Black Knight Sword Review: Quirky is the New Black

Some things are to be taken as metaphor. For instance when Shakespeare penned that all the world was a stage I doubt he suffered from schizophrenia and saw curtains draped around every scene; of course the madhouse that is Suda 51 would tell you … Continue reading

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Early Access to God of War Ascension When you Buy Total Recall
Total Recall New Movie POster (1)

If you were not  lucky enough to get the Beta codes for God of War Ascension Multiplayer earlier this month there is still a chance to get your GoW fix before the beta goes public next month. When you buy … Continue reading

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Under Defeat HD – Deluxe Edition Review: Underpreforming Defeated

Have you ever wanted to be a Female Nazi helicopter pilot bent on destroying the corrupt American regime? Of course you haven’t, but frankly Under Defeat doesn’t really much care. In Under Defeat you are thrust into an alternate history of WW2, … Continue reading

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Hitman: Trinity HD Collection Slated To “Hit” The PS3 in January

Fans of Square Enix’s Hitman games rejoice: HD assassination will soon be at hand. The collection comes completely kitted out with Hitman Contracts, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin and Hitman Blood Money, allowing you to slay your way through more than 40 missions with … Continue reading

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