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Resistance 3 beta opens August 4th for SOCOM 4 buyers

Good news for those of you wondering when you’d be able to redeem those beta codes with your copies of SOCOM 4: you’ll be able to get in on the Chimera-blasting action on August 4th, one week from today. If … Continue reading

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PS2 comeback shooter most likely SOCOM 4

A rumour is making the rounds, by way of the latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine, that a PlayStation 2 shooter is to have a “triumphant comeback” on the PlayStation 3 in 2011. We’re in the enviable position of … Continue reading

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Zipper not abandoning M.A.G. for SOCOM 4

Zipper Interactive will not be abandoning their recently released 256-player online game despite the announcement of SOCOM 4. Today Zipper Interactive announced a new SOCOM game for the PlayStation 3, and surprisngly for a release later this year. The fact … Continue reading

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Zipper Interactive announces SOCOM 4 [Trailer Added]

Zipper Interactive and Sony has just announced the development of SOCOM 4 on the Official US Blog. As many of you know, Zipper Interactive is the development team behind the original installments of the SOCOM franchise (not responsible for Confrontation) … Continue reading

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