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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow to receive sequel

Last week, Konami published the next awaited title in the Castlevania franchise, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, to critical acclaim and somewhat mixed user response. While most thought the game was very well developed, many hardcore fans of the franchise felt … Continue reading

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More ways to play, create, and share with new Bouncy Pads in LittleBigPlanet 2

Media Molecule has released a new video for LittleBigPlanet 2 focusing on the latest addition of bounce pads. Using these bounce pads, players can now flail and¬†somersault¬†through the air with ease adding a whole new gameplay element to the LittleBigPlanet … Continue reading

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New Ghost of Sparta video showcases Legionnaire Kratos skin

Sony has released a fresh new gameplay video featuring the pre-order Legionnaire Kratos skin for the upcoming God of War PSP sequel, Ghost of Sparta. The video is short and includes a look at some of the same brutal acts … Continue reading

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PS3 has outsold 360’s 2010 with 3 months to spare

With Microsoft releasing its end of fiscal 2010 results, we can see how Sony’s PlayStation 3 has done in relation to the Xbox 360.¬†Surprisingly, despite strong sales in the US, the 360 has already been beaten by the PS3 with … Continue reading

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Microsoft Exec: PlayStation Move is Sony’s HD-DVD

D’oh – this just a lovely bit of bad PR. According to Microsoft’s Xbox exec for the Netherlands, Sony’s motion control efforts are about as sincere as Microsoft’s little foray into HD-DVD. Sony doesn’t care about PlayStation Move according to … Continue reading

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Is this Gran Turismo 5 or real-life? [UPDATE]

Gran Turismo 5 is certainly shaping up to be one hell of a sim racer. Coming to the PlayStation 3 this November, the game’s premium cars approach reality, so we thought we’d give you a quick little test to see … Continue reading

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Ex-Sony CEO: PS4 out in two to three years

The PlayStation 3 may only just be hitting its stride, but previous Sony Europe CEO David Reeves has claimed that its successor isn’t too far away. Whether he’s talking from insider knowledge, or simply winging it, is a matter of … Continue reading

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Sony website puts $199 price on PS3: Silly typo or…

…a sexy little price for a sexy little black console? Sony’s latest push for 3D has prompted the launch of a promotional website pushing the technology on unexpecting consumers. It sports a new PS3 price. As we all know, the … Continue reading

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Sony: Gran Turismo 5 out before LittleBigPlanet 2

Man Furismo Jive. It’s all the rage in the future, tearing its way through living rooms as it takes over PS3 gamer’s lives. It’s the game that’s been on its way for what feels like forever, but soon we’ll be … Continue reading

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Insomniac Games partners with EA for new multiplatform IP

Earlier this morning the CEO of Insomniac Games — Ted Price — released a video blog on the developer’s official website to announce a partnership with Electronic Arts. What is the partnership for exactly? Well, according to Price, Insomniac is … Continue reading

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