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Spoils of War 001: Mass Effect 3

From the innovators at PlayStation University comes a new show that FINALLY allows us to tell you everything about games, and we do mean everything! Spoils of War is the new show from PSUni that features the writers of our site spilling the … Continue reading

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BioWare open to tweaking Mass Effect 3 plot after story leak

Not too long ago, BioWare suffered the misfortune of a prerelease build of Mass Effect 3 making its way online, and with it came major plot spoilers for the upcoming space epic. As a result, the company may change some … Continue reading

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The Thing About Plot Spoilers

At this point it’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the Batman. I’ve seen each of his movies several times each (yes, even the terrible ones), I’ve read volumes upon volumes of his comics, and I’ve played Arkham … Continue reading

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