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Tomb Raider Behind-the-Scenes Development of Multiplayer Mode
tomb raider multiplayer

It’s no secret by now that the new reboot of Tomb Raider is going to have a multiplayer mode. There’s also no hiding the inevitable comparisons to Sony’s flagship franchise Uncharted (which was clearly inspired by the original Tomb Raider … Continue reading

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Tomb Raider Will Not Be “Better” than Uncharted

The word is out: Lara Croft is apparently going to have a better game than Nathan Drake. The genius predictors cite things like her games originally innovating the genre itself and the beautiful new game she is set to star … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy XIII-3 Lightning Returns Gets Its First Trailer
Lightning Returns

In a move unlike Square and the Final Fantasy series, FF XIII is set to receive its second direct sequel in the first ever full trilogy of games. FF XIII-2 was met with a generally positive reception and while the … Continue reading

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Square Enix’s New Engine is Incredible
Square Enix Trailer

Square Enix recently unveiled alpha footage of a new engine they are working on at an event in Tokyo. The first footage was supposedly real-time animation within the engine itself, but it’s hard to really be too sure at this … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review

Those who have been readers (or listeners) of PSUni.com for a while know of my distain for Final Fantasy XIII. As a long time fan of the series, it failed to live up the Final Fantasy name. A lack of … Continue reading

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Five Reasons Why a Final Fantasy VII Remake or Sequel WILL Happen

Back in May of 2005, Square Enix did something that perhaps they regret. The PlayStation 3 had yet to be released, but we were getting plenty of trailers to remind us how amazing it was going to be. Some developers … Continue reading

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True Crime: Hong Kong resurfaces as Sleeping Dogs

Back in February last year, True Crime: Hong Kong fell off the map and all assumed it was dead. Months later, Square Enix announced that they had picked up the title. The game has resurfaced with a brand-new, non-Activision owned … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy X will be a ‘remaster’ not a remake

Last year at the Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix announced a “remake” of Final Fantasy X for the PS Vita and the PS3. Though many took this wording literally, many others assumed that this would continue the trend of remastering … Continue reading

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The Five Most Underrated Final Fantasy Characters Ever

In preparation for my upcoming review of Final Fantasy XIII-2, I decided to do a few articles based on the Final Fantasy franchise. As I’ve said before, I’m a huge fan of the series. I still have fond memories of … Continue reading

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The Five Sleeper Hits of the PS Vita Launch

I got a chance to attend one of Sony’s Vita Hill Social Club events last week, where I got some substantial hands-on time with the upcoming handheld. Sony had all of their biggest first-party launch titles there for gamers to … Continue reading

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