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Square Enix rescues True Crime: Hong Kong from cancellation

In a bit of news that’s as equally pleasant as it is surprising, it seems that Square Enix have seen fit to swoop in and rescue the carcass of True Crime: Hong Kong, cancelled by Activision several months ago, before … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy XI could have a PlayStation Vita Release

According to Square Enix’s Hiromichi Tanaka, Final Fantasy XI could come to the PlayStation Vita after the handheld launches later this year. Tanaka said to Famitsu (via Siliconera) that the company is seriously considering to develop a version of the … Continue reading

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16 More Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots (must see)

Square has released another batch of Final Fantasy XIII screenshots — this time the total number of screens being 16. While some of you may be tired of seeing more and more of FFXIII, these are worth checking out. As … Continue reading

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Did Square Enix can Last Remnant for PlayStation 3?

According to Andriasang.com, The Last Remnant for PlayStation 3 may have officially been canned by Square Enix. While the release of the title is usually mentioned in Japanese magazines such as Famitsu and Square Enix’s official magazine, it would appear … Continue reading

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