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PS3 5th Anniversary: The Five Best Moments in PS3 History

Our favorite high-def console turns five today, and while it’s had its fair share of low points — a few detailed here, in case you missed it — it’s also done very well by us. It’s the exact reason that this … Continue reading

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Valve: Sony “great to work with” on cross-platform games

The working relationship between Valve and Sony has come a long way since Gabe Newell used to say all of those really mean things about the PlayStation 3, and has only gotten sunnier and rosier as time passes. Recently, Portal … Continue reading

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EA: Physical media not leaving anytime soon

Jens Uwe Intat, the man behind EA’s European operations, recently said that physical media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This is an interesting viewpoint for him to take not only because of the growing popularity of digital distribution, but also … Continue reading

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