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The Last of Us – Release Date, New Trailer, Multiplayer and More Revealed

Boom. Naughty Dog just dropped a bomb of information down on the world of gaming following the weekend after the Video Game Awards. Not only have they revealed the official release date (May 7th, 2013) but they have also revealed … Continue reading

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The 2011 Spike Video Game Awards: A Retro Diary

The Spike Video Game Awards were this past Saturday, which in internet time is an eternity. There’s no better proof of this than the seemingly dozens of reactionary editorials posted all over the web, most of them blasting the show. … Continue reading

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Making the Spike Video Game Awards Watchable: A Guide

It’s no secret that the Spike Video Game Awards have been, for the most part, dreadful experiences. They always rope a likable host into making the regrettable decision of regurgitating terribly written jokes in between reveal trailers and the occasional … Continue reading

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BioWare shows off new game with teaser image

Last week BioWare announced that they were working on a new game, currently under development at a new studio. Today, Game Informer has the scoop on the first image to show off what the game actually is. For now, that’s … Continue reading

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