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British gamers want Move more than Kinect

The UK is much like America in its support for Microsoft’s console. Not only does the Xbox 360 lead the way in Britain, but the Xbox 360 S broke sales records in the country. Funnily enough, despite all of that, … Continue reading

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PS3 outsold 360 by 4 million in past 12 months

So with the announcement of Sony’s latest financial results came an update on the console sales race. As reported in a previous story, the gap between the PS3 and Xbox 360 is now only 3.6 million units. But how did … Continue reading

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PS3 has outsold 360’s 2010 with 3 months to spare

With Microsoft releasing its end of fiscal 2010 results, we can see how Sony’s PlayStation 3 has done in relation to the Xbox 360.┬áSurprisingly, despite strong sales in the US, the 360 has already been beaten by the PS3 with … Continue reading

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NPD June: PS3 hardware sales up 85%

The Xbox 360 is this month’s big winner in the US, with NPD results showing an impressive 88% year-on-year increase for the console. Naturally, it was all due to Microsoft’s new slim/short model, spurring sales on its home turf. But … Continue reading

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Sony: PS3 consistently outselling 360 week-in, week-out

The PlayStation 3 has certainly been picking up momentum ever since the release of the PS3 Slim. With the advent of 3D gaming and PlayStation Move on the console, Sony hopes this momentum will keep on going – continuing a … Continue reading

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Tretton: More high-definition PS3 gamers than Xbox 360

Thanks Jacky T, you’ve got a nice little statistic for us. He just loves having a good ole’ poke at the competition. That pesky Microsoft with their 360 degrees X-marks-the-spot box. They ain’t got nuffin on that Pee Ess Three. … Continue reading

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EA: 360 release will double Insomniac’s sales

Insomniac has gone multiplatform for one of its future games. EA is pleased as punch to sign on Insomniac’s Xbox 360 and PS3 title. The developer had previously been wed to Sony. Insomniac announced last week that it had decided … Continue reading

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Insomniac Games partners with EA for new multiplatform IP

Earlier this morning the CEO of Insomniac Games — Ted Price — released a video blog on the developer’s official website to announce a partnership with Electronic Arts. What is the partnership for exactly? Well, according to Price, Insomniac is … Continue reading

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Ninja Theory coy over Devil May Cry 5 collaboration with Capcom

It has been rumoured that Heavenly Sword creator Ninja Theory has been grabbed by Capcom to develop the next Devil May Cry 5. The Cambridge, UK, studio is currently hard at work on Enslaved, but has admitted to working on … Continue reading

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Call of Duty: Black Ops trailer impresses

Treyarch may have one-upped Infinity Ward with Black Ops, answering community feedback with a game that should suit less skilled and hardcore players alike. The game’s latest trailer certainly looks impressive and has that ‘Modern Warfare’ style Hollywood presentation. Call … Continue reading

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