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Rumor: Ninja Theory’s other game is Devil May Cry

We’ll put this in the WTF corner while we contemplate the logistics of Devil May Cry influencing Heavy Sword influencing Devil May Cry. According to Game Informer, Capcom may have passed their beloved action series over to the creators of … Continue reading

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Epic Games reveals Bulletstorm

Electronic Arts and Epic Games have today officially announced their upcoming title, Bulletstorm. Developed by People Can Fly, Bulletstorm is a futuristic first-person shooter that plans on delivering action-packed sequences and mechanics that evolve the genre into something more. Though … Continue reading

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Konami announces Saw II and new Silent Hill for PS3 and Xbox 360

Konami is working on a new Silent Hill video game for “next-gen consoles,” which we’ll take to mean the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. That’s despite it being the “next-generation” for almost five years already. Surely, nay certainly, it’s now … Continue reading

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Rumour: Portal 2 coming to PS3, featured in PS3 magazine

Following the announcement of Portal 2, it was soon revealed that the game would be coming to the Xbox 360, PC and Mac. Valve continued to stress that they would only develop for Sony’s console if they could spend the … Continue reading

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Vanquish devs explain why PS3 is lead platform

Ported from the Xbox 360 by Sega, Bayonetta on the PlayStation 3 left a lot to be desired, resulting in a patch made by none other than Sony in an attempt to clean things up. Platinum Games appears to have … Continue reading

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Kane & Lynch 2 release date announced

Well we’re not sure if you care, but IO Interactive (Hitman, Mini Ninjas) and Square Enix (something called Final Fantasy) have announced the release date for┬áKane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. The follow up to the poorly received Kane & … Continue reading

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Debut Medal of Honor trailer and screenshots

Modern warfare is the name of the game for shooters, with Ghost Recon and Medal of Honor taking the cue from Call of Duty in their latest incarnations. This first trailer of EA’s Medal of Honor displays impressive visuals and … Continue reading

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First Crysis 2 gameplay footage shown on consoles

We’ve seen the magazine scans and the screenshots, but we’ve yet to gawk at gameplay footage of Crysis 2. You might believe that you have, but in reality all we’ve enjoyed are videos of Crytek’s CryEngine 3 — in development … Continue reading

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Latest Sam & Max coming to PlayStation 3, not Xbox 360 [UPDATE]

Telltale is finally developing for the PlayStation 3, bringing Sam & Max to the console this April with the episodic The Devil’s Playhouse. This latest series will be coming to the PC and Mac, and though the series has seen … Continue reading

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Robin may make appearance in Batman Arkham Asylum II [UPDATE]

Holy heart failure. Batman and Robin may be teaming up in Rocksteady Studios‘ next Arkham Asylum video game if the latest IMDb casting list is to be believed. Of course, the traditional sidekick could just be making a cameo appearance … Continue reading

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