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6 Ways Sony Can Maintain PSN as the Gold Standard on the PS4

As the Dean of PlayStation University, I love the PlayStation brand. With that being said, it’s often easy to overlook the flaws of the things you love. This article is to serve as a critical evaluation of Sony’s PSN and … Continue reading

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6 Reasons Why Xbox Live is Failing 10 Years Later

This past week was the celebration for Xbox Live’s 10 year anniversary. While this is the PlayStation University, congratulations are in store for the service that brought online gaming to the forefront of the console experience first off. Before Xbox … Continue reading

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Rumor: Assassin’s Creed III may have online co-op

With¬†Assassin’s Creed III, it’s easy to see that Ubisoft would want to implement something that could set it apart from the rest of the series. Cooperative online multiplayer may be just the thing to put a spring back in the … Continue reading

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