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News You Can Use: The Biggest Stories of the Week (3/26-3/30)

There are a couple of bits of good news coming out of the news mill this week in gaming, but it’s unfortunately outweighed by the bad. Massive financial losses, consumer unfriendly hardware rumors, studio closures and even a beloved producer … Continue reading

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Sony dates Vita shooter Unit 13

Sony has announced a release date for upcoming Vita third-person shooter, Unit 13. The game, developed by SOCOM and MAG developer Zipper Interactive, will be out on March 6, the publisher announced at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. For those … Continue reading

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Zipper Interactive announces Unit 13 for Vita

Zipper Interactive, whom you may know as the developers behind the popular SOCOM series and MAG, have today announced a brand new for the PlayStation Vita, Unit 13. Unit 13 is a third-person action game, allowing players to choose from … Continue reading

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Zipper not abandoning M.A.G. for SOCOM 4

Zipper Interactive will not be abandoning their recently released 256-player online game despite the announcement of SOCOM 4. Today Zipper Interactive announced a new SOCOM game for the PlayStation 3, and surprisngly for a release later this year. The fact … Continue reading

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Zipper Interactive announces SOCOM 4 [Trailer Added]

Zipper Interactive and Sony has just announced the development of SOCOM 4 on the Official US Blog. As many of you know, Zipper Interactive is the development team behind the original installments of the SOCOM franchise (not responsible for Confrontation) … Continue reading

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