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Ten Minutes of Heavy Rain is stunning (spoilers)

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G4TV has released a video today featuring ten minutes of the Blue Lagoon scene from Quantic Dreams’ upcoming title, Heavy Rain. The footage is completely unedited and involves quite a few spoilers. Those of you who wish to avoid having certain parts of the game spoiled for you, should probably walk away now. We, however, thoroughly enjoyed everything this video had to offer. Don’t be scared, spoil a bit of it for yourself. You’ve earned it, right?

Video is below.

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Comments (10)

  • Deedui69

    WOW, absolutely stunning graphics, for an instant i thought that lady in the loading screen was real. Very detailed face. Looking forward to that game

  • Dave-The-Rave

    Can’t wait for this one !!

  • Wanted104

    That chic kind of looks like kim kardashian lol
    but god damn it I want this game!!

  • Alch3mist

    Pure Awesomeness

  • demo

    how bad is the spoiler? i really wanna watch it but dont want anything give away about the story

  • Yusuf

    voices are bad…

  • PointBlank771

    That voice acting was a little cheesy, but hopefully that is not the final cut. Overall this game showcases the power of the PS3.

  • K-grim

    just like mgs4 ingame cutsenes
    …just its more…..interactive


    Where is PT2 of this video?

  • Toeties

    This vid should have continued 5 min more…..damn

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