Uncovering three of the unannounced titles at TGS ’09

I’m sure a lot of us have been wondering what several of the unannounced titles are going to be at the Tokyo Game Show this year. This is pretty much a marathon of sorts every year in the industry and we always leave it to Japanese-insider, Famitsu, to break the story and spill the beans. This year, we’re hoping to get a minor jump on those boys across the ocean and release the names of three PlayStation exclusives that will be revealed at TGS ’09.

1. Grandia 4.

2. Ar Tonelico 3.

3. Legend of Dragoon 2.

While these games may not come as a surprise to many — our incredible inside source has confirmed several times that development and production on these games has started. Whether or not Sony decides to show them off this week is entirely up to them; however, we stand by the fact that these titles do exist and should be unveiled this week.

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  1. Nuclear Sandwich September 24, 2009 @ 09:12

    I laughed at “Is it too early build” or something like that.

    The last time Legend of Dragoon came to surface was with the Angel Rings project which is now vapourware.

    Let’s assume that it is LoD 2, do you think that 4 years is still too early?

  2. Quite honestly, this is the most disappointing thing I’ve seen on this site. I got my hopes up for an LoD sequel and the article keeps on reassuring the reader that the game exist.

    I’m really disappointed on how unprofessional this article was. Thanks for having my hopes up though.

  3. Nuclear Sandwich September 24, 2009 @ 09:25

    The Dean is DeathWratih who may even be Gamesblow.

    Successful troll is successful.

  4. How great would an oddworld sequel be?

  5. Lol — I’m not DeathWraith, thanks though. I honestly don’t know who he is. He kind of came out of left field. This is just another example of “BioShock” and “Gran Turismo 5” all over again. PSU reported BioShock was coming to PS3 8 months before they announced it…people called bullshit and ridiculed PSU…8 months later the announcement confirmed it. PSU announced that Gran Turismo 5 would support damage… everyone laughed because it hadn’t been announced or revealed… Several months later, PD announced damage in GT5, lol.

    You guys can hit my credibility and choose to insult me all you’d like. I’m not going to do the same in return.

  6. Nuclear Sandwich September 24, 2009 @ 10:22

    That was PSU.

  7. Yeah…the was PSU…the place where I received the majority of my contacts and industry insiders….Hm…

  8. It’s funny how there is a LoD2 rumor almost every TGS.

    Hey, keep betting on the same horse and you will eventually win; and if people don’t remember you previous losses, they might even think you are a genius for getting it right.

  9. I understand that games are show all the time behind closed doors, and games exist long before they are announced. Some games are in production for months and they get canceled, never seeing the light of day. It’s like at E3 2008, Bungie was there and ready to show of ODST but MS sealed the deal with FF13 at the last minute and ran with that instead. As a fellow journalist, I get that.

    However, you should know better than to get your readers ramped up and excited about something that you know has a good chance of not happening. Yea, PSU wrote about Bioshock PS3 and GT5 damage, but they didn’t say “Oh, it’s gonna be announced later this week”.

    BTW, what’s your name, if you really did work for PSU?

  10. Dave was my PSU name ;).

  11. this made be so disappointed i got so hyped from this:(

    I said a month ago tgs would suck and just be motion controls for ps3.

    Ah no new jrpg’s

  12. Lol, people think I log in as Dean.

    That’s quite pathetic.

    But yeah, as Dean already pointed out. You can diss his information all you like, but it’s not going to change the fact they do exist.

  13. what happen to Legend of Dragoon 2

  14. @ Esko: Didn’t get debuted during their conference. For that matter, Dean never did say that it’ll happen as a fact, either.

  15. If people have shown you proof they exist then post it

  16. Was hoping to hear one of them at TGS.

  17. @ Dan: Yes, because David can post images of a game shown behind closed doors.


    If you don’t want to believe him, then fine, don’t. But just because you don’t believe him, it doesn’t mean that it’s “bull shit”.

  18. Nuclear Sandwich September 25, 2009 @ 05:22

    Sorry deathwraith. it is bullshit and you know it.

    Hey, we’ll get a new Crono game from SE, an industry insider told me. What’s that? where’s the proof? Well you can’t prove that there isn’t one, right?

    Yes, that’s how you sound like DeathWraith, a fucking baffoon of a retard. Grow up.

    Anyway, this site really lost a huge chunk of whatever credibility it had with this article.

  19. ?What i want to know is what happen to the game Sony said that it was a multiplat but this time going to be exclusive and that everyone knows about it?

  20. @Nuclear If in time these games are displayed and debuted. It’ll just be another case of “I told you.” The funny thing is, all of the doubters and guys who cried “bullshit” at this time, won’t be back or ever feel the need to say, “Damn, he was right, my bad…” They’ll just get excited over it and go on their way. That’s how life works. I knew it when I wrote the article and I live with it. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  21. Believe what you want Nuclear.

  22. Hmm. Either this was false information, or The Dean deserves his name. I think the positive-thinkers hope for the latter. As does some part of the cynics among us.

  23. Yo bro, I support you and believe what you write. All these haters are just uneducated idiots.

  24. Ar tonelico 3 will happen eventually. You don’t need to take credit for that, Dean.

  25. Never said he was taking credit.

  26. Hey, hey, hey, let’s all just calm down here. Yes, the games weren’t unveiled at TGS and yes, this does present as a blow to The Dean’s credibility. But that doesn’t mean that the whole thing can be dismissed out of hand.
    Plenty of games have been announced with little fanfare or precursory media hype and given how long the games have been waiting for a sequel (if you don’t import games from Japan 7 years for Grandia and a whopping 9 years for LOD), it would only be natural for the dev team to want the game absolutely set in stone before they announce anything.

    Personally, I take the rumour (however well substantiated it is, it is still, unfortunately, a rumour) with 9 months worth of salt. If, in that time, any of these three games are announced, it lends cred to The Dean. If not… well, we’ll see what happens.


  28. Hey. I really hope this is true. Can you please let me know how you know all this?

  29. ok well if LoD2 realy is going to happen i know this isnt the site to say but i would like to be the first person in the world to own the game i dont care how i just realy need to find out the rest of LoD or even the beginning a LoD prequal would be a number one hit b4 it even hit the shelves that much i know is true i mean the original game came close with ff7 for top selling rpg.. i dont know im just saying sony should milk LoD as much as they can make a game from roses point of veiw maybe one where lavits was the hero and not the one to die in disk one or a thousand years later they figure out how to focus the power of a dragoon into just the weapons or a sertain peice of armor as well as a full body suit … im starting to get carried away lol

  30. Not that I’m an expert in the field of behavioral analyses, but it seems to me that the people who make games enjoy making money off those games. That seems perfectly normal to me, and that’s why I’d put my money on a current-gen console being graced with LOD II or something like it in the next year or two. Since the success of LOD, people have been begging for, or even demanding, another LOD game. That many fans means alot of money could be made. Someone’s going to want it, and I hope they want it soon.

  31. Hell, most of us would be happy with a PS3 remake of the original, right?

  32. Another post on this article, just to keep it updated =]. In my opinion, Grandia 4 is the obvious one. No matter the popularity of their games, they keep coming out with them. After FFX was released, they went ahead with Grandia II, with greatly inferior graphics, and didn’t care less.

    I think Grandia 4 will be coming sooner or later. The outlandish claim is Legend of Dragoon 2, as that was finished as a PS1 game, but has recently gained massive popularity and rarity, with the games being sold for £60-70 at some stores. They could release it on PSN for £40 and people would be spending money on this masterpiece.

    Playstation has always been a name synonamous (?) with JRPGs, and these three titles would revitalise their next-gen position, as the 360 already has a few exclusive RPGs worth mentioning.

    I’m not saying this is bullshit at all, the guy’s reputable, and he’s sticking by it, not backing down. I think he has an unquotable credible source. My two cents.

  33. Just wanted to inform you guys that Ar Tonelico 3 has officially been announced.

    So, hi.

  34. heard about it today. i guess lod 2 and g4 are pretty much confirmed now.

  35. People can say I made this all up, but it’s pretty convenient this was announced so soon after TGS as though they already had all of the promotional work done for it and were finalizing the exclusivity of the announcement with Famitsu. I stand by this article still, despite Sony not announcing this stuff at TGS.

    Does anyone think KATCX will be back to comment now? LOL

  36. Nah, he probably said his trollish schpiel and disappeared, as trolls are wont to do.
    Still (being the devil’s advocate and not any sort of dissenter), were I to put odds on which games would be produced, I’d put Ar at first, Grandia a close second and waaaaaay in the back, LOD third. I’m having trouble understanding why they’d wait so long between sequels…

    That said, credit to the Dean where credit’s due. Good call.

  37. While I was let down that they didn’t announce LOD2 or G4 I did hear that White Knight Chronicles and Wild Arms 6 were shown behind closed doors! Let’s hope That’s at least true.

  38. Has anyone heard any more on LOD2?

    LOD was/still is my favourite game of all time, and whilst newer games can outclass it
    with their graphics, I doubt anything will top the storyline/enjoyability (probably not a word, but i think the meaning is clear). Of course i must confess i’m slightly sceptical due to the hundreds of previous LOD sequel/prequel rumours that’ve been flying around in past years. Mind you, Fallout waited for damn near a decade for their third instalment and so I hope LOD operates on the same principle.

    Please respond if anyone has more info 🙂

  39. LoD is also my favorite game of all time… and I believed in these rumours of a sequal for a long time with nothing but disappointment..

    Dean, if it doesn’t come out you will get flamed like no other… and even if you are right and it does come out… as far as we’know, you could have just made a good guess based on common sense (considering how well the the original sold, how many fans it has). I thought there would be a sequal some day when I was 12.

    The point is… no matter the outcome you will never win so stop getting peoples hopes up with no evidence to back it up. It’s been done enough times already and us true LoD fans certainly don’t appreciate it.

  40. If things i heard about about LOD2 (from my sources) are true, it is no wonder they didn’t show it last TGS. From descrpition that was told to me, it basically makes FF13 look like last gen.I doubt we will see anything about it until FF13 get realeasd in west(March) and then add one or two months. Same goes for FF13 Versus. Doub SE will show anything before FF13 is out in West, mark my words. This isn’t any inside info just common sense.

  41. To add in my own 2cents, if you look at the history of LoD’s original release, it was released almost simultaneously with Final Fantasy 8. And because of the hype and large fanbase of Final Fantasy, Legend of Dragoon was vastly over-looked and didn’t do as well in American Markets as Sony had hoped.

    So I think the best bet of hearing something will come after FF13, (possibly after FF14, as well.) Because they want to avoid having the same thing happen again. Also, I believe they’ve said FF13 and FF14 will be released in close succession of one another. So I don’t think it’ll be too long of a wait.

  42. So to be fair… I’ll give it to the end of the year. And if we haven’t heard anything by around November-December of 2010, then I’ll call “Bullshit” on it. But until then… Very, very hopeful.

  43. LOD Promoter June 28, 2010 @ 12:40

    Join this group to convince sony and square, if we gather enough ppl and this group becomes huge, then a remake or sequel is for sure Foward to ur friends as well http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=140011449346284&ref=ts

  44. LOD Promoter June 28, 2010 @ 12:42

    GO PPL GO, for lod sake

  45. Well, it’s been 9 months (more than that… almost a year) and there’s been no word on both Grandia 4 and Legend of Dragoon 2.
    Now, I’d like to think that I’m an eternal optimist, but when it comes to LOD, I’ve been disappointed so many times it’s hard to take something like this with good humor, particularly when it appears that the name has been dropped as a bait-and-switch for another, lower quality game.
    See, here’s what I think’s happened: your “incredible insider source” has a game he wants hyped. It’s not a terribly remarkable game – it’s main drawcard is heaps of eye candy and some debatably risqué conversation choices and doesn’t have much meat on those bones when it comes to past success with the series. So what to do? Advertising directly is kinda hard with the main artistic focuschosen and word of mouth is too unreliable.
    Easy – they go online, find two RPGs that have had sequels requested for years and years, advertise the okay game with two games that would be instant bestsellers and get free air time. Then, when the other two games don’t eventuate, say “Oh well, I never said they were a sure thing. Besides, I got one right”.
    I apologise if I am coming off as antagonistic and be aware that this is only a hypothesis, but it appears to me that you should disown that inside source – he’s mooched free advertising off you.
    It also seems that you have gotten it wrong, at least in this case. If you’re willing to say “I told you so” in your follow-up reports, you have to be able to take criticism when things fall through. Next time, I beg you to double-check the info before giving false hope to the sequel-hopers. We’ve been #$*@ed around enough.

  46. So, almost 2 years later and still nothing. Some great source you had there.


    While what you said is probably true, Ar tonelico 3 was announced nearly a month before this article was written. Everyone that would’ve been interested in it had already known about it. So whatever ‘source’ this was, really only accomplished one thing: pissing people off about lack of LoD2, again.

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