Not to mention how the author of the …

Comment posted Uncovering three of the unannounced titles at TGS ’09 by Nuclear Sandwich.

Not to mention how the author of the article said “the fact that these exist” even though he has no proof of this claims.

Would have been better if they wrote something along the lines of “Take this RUMOUR with a grain of salt” or something.

Nuclear Sandwich also commented

  • heard about it today. i guess lod 2 and g4 are pretty much confirmed now.
  • Ar tonelico 3 will happen eventually. You don’t need to take credit for that, Dean.
  • Sorry deathwraith. it is bullshit and you know it.

    Hey, we’ll get a new Crono game from SE, an industry insider told me. What’s that? where’s the proof? Well you can’t prove that there isn’t one, right?

    Yes, that’s how you sound like DeathWraith, a fucking baffoon of a retard. Grow up.

    Anyway, this site really lost a huge chunk of whatever credibility it had with this article.

  • That was PSU.
  • I laughed at “Is it too early build” or something like that.

    The last time Legend of Dragoon came to surface was with the Angel Rings project which is now vapourware.

    Let’s assume that it is LoD 2, do you think that 4 years is still too early?