“we know there are games being shown behind …

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“we know there are games being shown behind close door”

As far as I’m concerned, you pretty much just agreed that these titles exist as a matter of fact. Just like we’ve been trying to tell you.

As I’ve already pointed out before out, or even Dean for that matter. It is NOT, I repeat, it is NOT up to us, the media or anyone else for that matter, to debut their software titles. That is entirely up to Sony, and Sony themselves.

We know these exist, we can’t however, debut them for you just because you’ve asked nicely or call it a load of shit. It’s just the way things are.

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  • Never said he was taking credit.
  • Believe what you want Nuclear.
  • @ Dan: Yes, because David can post images of a game shown behind closed doors.


    If you don’t want to believe him, then fine, don’t. But just because you don’t believe him, it doesn’t mean that it’s “bull shit”.

  • @ Esko: Didn’t get debuted during their conference. For that matter, Dean never did say that it’ll happen as a fact, either.
  • Lol, people think I log in as Dean.

    That’s quite pathetic.

    But yeah, as Dean already pointed out. You can diss his information all you like, but it’s not going to change the fact they do exist.

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