Who are you -death warith- ? Do you …

Comment posted Uncovering three of the unannounced titles at TGS ’09 by aaa.

Who are you -death warith- ? Do you work on this site? I guess not. Then let me ask you why are you here like a hawk defending and replying on every comment that doesn’t agree with yours unrealistic opinion?
Are you just trying to kiss up to Dean for future “rumors” or what? This seems rather lame i have to say.
So when i said that sure there are games behind closed door being shown, that doesnt mean i agreed on anything, that is a no brainer.

No matter how you turn it around this turned to be bunch of bullshit.
Disgea 4, Ar Tlenico 3 and even LOD2 are no brainers, you know those will happend sooner or later.
i can say that Sony is working on Dark CLoud 3, does that meen i know something? Or at i just stating the obvious? We all know it will happen sooner or later, so when ever it happens, i was the first one to break the story, ok?
O and SE is working on FF15, you will see it eventually, you know in future. You heard it here first.

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  • Fact stays that NONE of 3 games YOU promised have been shown, none. Sony had TWO not one but TWO media events. Kaz Keynote and SCEJ press conference, and none of them had at least one of these 3 games, and btw nothing worth watching them to be honest.
    Look you are not first guy to talk about LOD2, grandia 4, etc, so did Gamesblow and we know what happened to him. Unless you can give proof, it is better not to write about this or you will actually in a long run lose hits, people will call it BS, that’s what happened with every industry insider, everytime.
    When will those games be shown? Tomorrow? Doubt that. Next years TGS? Who cares, some of us might not be alive by then. IF some games is long way of, it is better not to say anything about it.
    We are no idiots, we know there are games being shown behind close doors, but that is irrelevant, to us.
  • Deathwra….

    Please shut up and stop spinning, are you advocate or something?
    None of 3!!! games has been shown, talk about false promise, new gamesblow nonsense, spare us from future idiocy like this one is

  • Lol talk about fail, so where are those games? hahaha i can’t believe i clicked on this shit

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