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TGS ’10 Level 5 shows off their next PS3 game

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White Knight Chronicles developer Level 5 has been showing off its new cell-shaded PlayStation 3 RPG at the Tokyo Game Show. Titled “Ni no Kuni,” the game takes players on a wonderfully animated adventure, exploring beautiful lands and interesting characters.

The game is playable on the Tokyo Game Show floor and has so far been getting high remarks from those lucky enough to play it. No exact release date has been given, but expect to see it sometime 2011.

Watch the official TGS 2010 trailer for Ni no Kuni below.

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Comments (8)

  • Late

    This was announced in June. Kind of late, there.

  • Patrick Steen

    Thanks for pointing that out Late, we made a little edit. Still looking promising.

  • TRF

    Who is Michael Frost? When did we get a new editor? Anyways, I’m psyched for this game. 😀

  • Michael Frost

    My bad everyone. Won’t happen again. This was my first time seeing the title so I assumed the new trailer was the game’s debut.

  • Just Interested

    so what if he posted it late some people didn’t know about it 😛
    & well i didn’t know about it xD

  • victorgodamnsullivan

    Looks so amazing!
    This is why I love JRPG’S

  • NoL

    as I watched the trailer, there was this strange sense of familiarity….. when I saw the end of the video, I saw “Studio Ghibli”.. ah, now it makes sense haha
    gonna be looking forward to this game.

  • Sir Rickard

    Awesome epicness, this game is a day 1 buy.

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