TGS ’10: Valkyria Chronicles 3 release date + Trailer

By now, you should have all heard that SEGA has confirmed Valkyria Chronicles 3 and that it will be releasing on PlayStation Portable just like the second installment into the franchise. Late last night at the Tokyo Game Show, Sony revealed release date information for the title as well as a kick ass opening trailer for the game as well.

Currently, the target release date is January 27th, 2011 with the North American release yet to be established. This is probably for the best since Valkyria Chronicles 2 just released and most of us will need the standard 100+ hours of gameplay before we’re ready to pick up the third.

Check out the TGS ’10 trailer below.

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  1. SWEET! i’m loving number 2. Playing through it atm. Although would have liked 3 to be on PS3. I have to go back and play the first 😀

    • I liked 2, apart from the grinding required to get steel B lvl 4. That material was needed in all things and was found in 1 mission.

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