PSUni’s 2011 Half-Assed, Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Another year, another terrible job of managing your holiday shopping list. Whether you’ve been fretting over what to get someone for over a month, you completely forgot about buying them a gift, or simply couldn’t muster the strength to care about getting them something but were stuck with having to buy them a gift anyway, there are plenty of opportunities to be left scrambling for ideas just days away from Christmas.

Well, you’ve definitely come to … a place. Whether or not it’s the right one is up in the air, but, hey, you’re already here. So, why haven’t you bought anything yet?

Crippling indecision

So you’ve spent the last week wondering what the hell to buy you gamer buddy, and you’re no closer to choosing something now than you were then. An unfortunate situation for sure, but you can do something about it.

GameFly subscription

The first thing that pops into someone’s head when they’re buying a gift for a gamer is almost always a video game. Many times, though, those gamers already bought the games that they want the most, so you’re left guessing. However, chances are good that even the hardest of core gamer can’t buy every game that they want to play.

That’s where GameFly comes in. There’s a decent array of gift certificate options, ranging from one month up to a full year and including plans for one or two games out at a time. Your best bet? Probably the two-game/three-month plan for $48.95. For less than the price of buying one brand-new game, they’ll be able to play as many games as they can send back in 90 days. They’ll be able to catch up on games that they missed, and you’ll come out looking golden.

Books, comic or otherwise

What’s that? Your friend has come across a sizable inheritance from a long-lost dead aunt, and they were able to quit their job and play all the games they could ever want? No problem! Why not give your well-off friend a break from playing his favorite games, and give them a chance to read them instead? Many of the most popular franchises in gaming have spun off into print form, and you can get them with or without all the purty pictures.

Uncharted fan? Sure. inFAMOUS? Yep. Batman: Arkham City? Obviously. Mass Effect? Graphic novels and pure prose, son!

If you don’t think you can order these from Amazon and have them delivered in time for Christmas, I’d recommend high-tailing it to your nearest comic shop or bookstore … now.