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I’d get final fantasy VII Fat princess Critter Crunch Street Fighter …

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Comment posted [UPDATE] The $50 PSN “Critter Crunch” Giveaway by Jhop779.

I’d get
final fantasy VII
Fat princess
Critter Crunch
Street Fighter alpha 1+2
Metal Gear solid PSoneClassic
that is what i would get

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  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Giveaway
    Favorite moment was when i was on the ship for the last level and i had to run over to the boss light him up with a couple of punches get pushed down and have to get back to him and punch him before he shot me with the shotgun
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  • #1SonyFan

    1.Critter crunch
    4.A few playstation home items

    get back….GET BACK…No..NOOOOOOO…….:(
    a damn critter bite me in the ass, good thing it didnt bite my hand (need it to play my games)

  • trey4life

    gran turismo psp
    critter crunch

  • ShawnDeath

    Rubs hands together…..

    Definitely Fat Princess as I never picked that up as I was still enjoying 1943 a lot at the time. Marvel versus Capcom for sure. Zombie Apocalypse looks like good fun too. I’d probably hold on to a few extra bucks for future download content for Dragon Age Origins and map packs for Modern Warfare 2.

  • omarthekiller

    i would buy pain and fallout 3 dlc packs and battle field 1943 :)

  • KRadiation


    I’d buy a ton of PSN titles that the USA store gets that our EU store hasn’t.

  • X-Men_Wolverine

    I’d buy all 3 COD WAW map packs, the Resistance 2 map pack + skins and for the remaining money as much Fallout 3 DLC as possible, I love that game. 😀

  • Coldblast

    i would buy the games and DLC that ive wanted for awhile but never had the money to buy. like Wipeout,shatter,and many other games.

  • bremstone

    OMG where would I start.

    I would subscribe to Quore annuelly.
    Than I would buy
    1:Critter crunch
    2:Need for Speed shift
    3:Capcom collection Vol 1
    4:Snk collection
    6:Final fantasy 7

    Of course if I dont have enough for it I will pay cash but I would be using this 50bucks up real quick.

  • Aidan

    I wiould buy ps1 classics, qore and uncharted dlc

  • david

    fat princess
    battlefield 1943
    or socom

  • BrokenKeyboard

    1. Metal Gear Solid 1
    2. Final Fantasy VII
    3. Critter Crunch
    4. Trine
    5. And perhaps some Dynamic Themes if I have any money left over :)

  • Blackhawk375

    I would buy world peace. My ambitions are very high. lol

  • SuicideKyd

    um jammer lammy
    rb songs
    and save some for more classics

  • SoiledMySelf

    Well i would buy more song for Rock Band 2 fat princess and the rest for modern warfare 2 maps (When they come out) or Fallout 3 DLC thats if i win if i dont well ill still go and buy a $50 PSN card so i still win =)

  • lozzalomons

    because i loove puzzles!!

  • Kratos

    A $50 PSN card would be nice. I would buy;
    1). TRINE(really want to play this game)
    2). Critter Crunch(of course lol)
    3). Flower(hear its good)

    And if there is enough, then some LBP outfits.

  • SonyJunkie

    Some Movies
    TV Shows
    Fat Princess
    DLC for games that I buy

  • BiggKyle

    $50 PSN Card..
    1. Battlefield 1943
    2. Rockband Songs
    3. Comet Crash
    4. Critter Crunch
    5. WAW Map Packs
    6. Atleast 1 Premium Theme

  • thaw oo

    ff vii
    fat pricese
    and map packs

  • dishes

    Fat Princess, R&C Quest for Booty, then I don’t know, maybe flower or save it for future DLC

  • K-grim

    motorstorm 2 dlc
    and ff7

  • Crimsontwist

    Congrats you two.

  • MM51-TheRealDeal

    Marvel Vs Capcom 2
    Critter Crunch
    Fat Princess

  • Aika

    Oh yes I won! ^.^ A ton of games for me to enjoy. =) Thanks for hosting these giveaways! And good luck next time for everyone.

  • dead_zombies

    if i had $50 to spend on the playstation store…hmmm

    I think i would purchase some ps1 classics ive been wanting to play for a looong time *Syphon Filter XD* and the rest of the money i’ll let my brother have for whichever titles or addons he wants like the Fallout 3 dlc or the new Little Big Planet addons which are always fun to check out :)

  • Fatboy1111

    I will buy, Critter crunch:Digger hd:mushroom wars:uno:magic ball……

  • ShyNinja

    1. critter crunch
    2. final fantasy 7
    3. all killzone 2 dlc packs
    4. final fantasy tatics
    5. mgs4 dlc maps

    if i had that card i would definitly buy ff7 cuz i heard it was the best rpg game on the PSX but man i wish they would put legend of dragoon on their

  • Jhop779

    I’d get
    final fantasy VII
    Fat princess
    Critter Crunch
    Street Fighter alpha 1+2
    Metal Gear solid PSoneClassic
    that is what i would get

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  • crazyasasins

    i would buy all 3 maps 4 cod5 da hole game of fat princess and critter crunch thanks

  • crazyasasins

    map pack 1 2 and 3 4 cod5,hole game ov fat princess,and critter crunch thanks

  • MyLastChance

    Is this still on? Anyways, if I had the $50 I’d buy the following:

    – Critter Crunch
    – Fat Princess
    – Flower
    – Wipeout HD

  • liljj

    I would buy the following with my $50
    1. Assassins creed bloodlines
    ….this would be my only choice, considering I don’t have enough memory for everyone else,. :) Still, looks like a big game. ( is the contest still on?)

  • juniorisababy

    THe only thing I wabt to buy is kind of simple: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves DLC pack. Because every time I have a party of friends they always kick me out. And thats very hard because everyone except me has it.

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