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The Blackbuster Special: Blu-ray & DVD Differential

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This article will mark the first segment and installment into The Blackbuster Special weekly video. This week, our very own BlackbusterCritic, dives into the differences between DVD and Blu-ray and how it affects not only the industry, but the consumer, the gamer, and the individual. Hopefully you have a snack handy, because this in-depth “analysis” isn’t for people with short attention spans. Clear your calendars and prepare to be educated.

We’ve included the video below.

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Comments (61)

  • JiggyJoe21

    Hey BBC, you delivered once again with your video! also proving more points, as to why the Ps3’s Blu-Ray disk is superior to the Xbox 360’s inferior DVD format. I will keep watching your videos one Youtube and on PSU, and I will continue to support Sony for a very, very long time. I will catch you later, I’ve been a little bit busy with Uncharted 2. 😉

  • Darkkaimera760

    I sold a crappy PS2 game that looked like it’s been to hell and back! And they still took it! They see 360 game that looked like that. Nope they don’t want it! lol

  • johnny

    fuk u

  • Dave

    Great video! thx

  • Kyuubibreaker

    hey bbc in your opinion is folklore a good game

  • R4j2iLL

    very good video blackbuster
    u guys are doing a fantastic job keep it up
    you guys are leading people in the right direction
    BTW, I LOVE THE POKEMON theme! lol very creative and funny

  • GreenDragonXIII

    Blu-ray is the future.

    I personally like DVD, but I’m not attached to it, just isn’t as good…

  • YuN9 5E5

    great vid BBC. when i had a 360 it scratched my halo 3 and my call of duty world at war. but im glad i dont have a 360 anymore and i sticked to the PS3

  • KiLL_zIDe

    LOL i dropped my copy of oblivion on the floor and it still works until today gta 4 has tons of fingerprints and also dropped once or twice but it still works

  • phelps313

    nice vid….are they gonna put the left 4 dead series on ps3?

  • chobo500

    The clip is not on your youtube channel sence you got hacked

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