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The Blackbuster Special: Fanboy Devs (Valve) Need to STFU

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After taking a quick hiatus in order to have his Flip Mino repaired, our very own Professor Blackbuster is back with a vengeance.

In his latest episode, BBC discusses exactly why he feels that there is no place in the industry for fanboy developers and uses Valve as an example. Not only does he show why Valve has been incredibly ignorant with its comments as a whole towards the PlayStation brand, but also gives key reasons as to how Valve is missing out in making several significant experiences for gamers on the Sony console.

In the end though, sometimes those fanboy developers need to just STFU and developer their games.

Video is below.

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Comments (118)


    Nicely Done Professor

  • John



  • Tobie

    I just watched your video here on playstationuniversity, and Im sad to see what you have become. You have become an angry PS3 fanboy, just because a company doesnt favor your favourite console as much as you want them to. And insulting a person by their fysical appearance is about how low you can get before hitting bottom. Btw, the stuff you showed from Live, it can happen on PSN too. Dont get me wrong, I love your videos, but you have become too much of a fanboy for me to really enjoy your videos.

  • Doritos

    Great video BBC.
    People got to understand, his nothing bad mouthing valve’s games or complaining that they dont do on PS3, they dont wanna do it ? fuck it, but its unprofessional and idiotic to say ”oh, its too hard, we cant do it!! :(” and curse the platform all together.

    Also, i though this was a PS3 fanbase site, the xbotx are making me lmao.

  • TintedEyes

    Nice video, I really dislike Valve too.

  • Prophet6000

    Wow, well they suck anyway l4d isn’t that great. there just lazy

  • john

    Valve R shite!! Who even cares about them, they only had ONE good game and tht was half-life! that shit is over man, i nothing them!! And if u wanna know why they are fanboys, the CEO is an ex m$ employee, so expect that kind of crap its all they know the stupid twats!!

  • CeroDouble

    If all developers thought the way valve thinks (not developing cause is hard) we would have been stuck on the atari 2600 era. So valve either develop for a new platform or STFU.

  • XZeroHero

    I do agree that Valve has been making excuses so they do not have to work on the PS3.

  • KingKaio

    Great vid BBC, Valve is full of lazy developers who dont want or are just too incompetent to work with anything new. Ironic valve fanboys would call you a fanboy for criticising them when valve themselves has become a company full of 360 fanboys.

  • Jorge

    I’m not sure what your point is, BBC. I mean, you have some great points, here. (Valve does make some pretty idiotic statements). But your argument suffers from the very “fanboyism” you’re accusing Valve of. I think this piece would have been much better with a shorter, tighter, more organized speech. I’m a proud PS3 owner, btw.

  • vega_dior

    you shouldve did a killzone 2 leftb for dead 2 graphics comparison

  • TK

    Valve r lazzzzzzzy

  • Roboticassassin

    LOL at HaloFuntage

  • amen

    Here come the Valve fanboys defending Valve yet again. Seriously, do you think Valve’s comments are justified?

    Rock on Prof. Black. You’re so right about Valve. STFU and make your games!

  • theJ00J

    facts = perfect video BBC!

  • Shotgun Junior

    Can’t agree any more BBC! Valve makes great games for PC, but they don’t know shit about the consoles. STFU indeed.

  • GreenDragonXIII

    Man, this saddens the hell out of me. Why would a developer go there…
    It’s not even the ideas or opinions that are so bothersome, but the fact they refuse both the superiority and the demographic they can sell to. It’ retarded.

    Glad you brought up the Bayonetta point, PS3’s Japan Bayonetta made me… it just…FFFFFFFFFFFF. That game is freakin’ GAME OF THE YEAR status imo (I love Fast Action Gaming and British women, sue me.) and while SEGA did in fact turn it into a beautiful blast of old school SEGA nostalgia and bliss, I would never trust the port of the game to them. Anyone who seen the PAL version of the game to it’s entirety should be able to agree, 360 will NEVER be able to handle the full load of that game.

  • ZestyWingsCruz

    well after watching this Prof. i will no longer support valve. i mean technically i havent since counterstrike… l4d and l4d 2 in my opinion just werent that good to me. so im with u as always bbc/

  • JaxDragon

    Valve totally screwed us PS3 owners over. Before it was annoying, now it’s infuriating since they basically told us to go F ourselves.

  • SheemStar

    Valve is lazy… They don’t wanna take the time to create quality games for the PS3 because they know playstation demands the best. Its easy to put crap on DVD format and sell it. I will admit that there are far more xbox live users than PSN users but that was because the Xbox was cheap and everybody had one…

  • Nick

    “Valve is lazy”

    I don’t know how you can call any developer lazy when they work for months straight and produce great games. Maybe you could say that if they made terrible games with no effort, but that’s not the case. It’s really astounding how people get upset over something that doesn’t even matter, lol.

  • JFO27

    I agree with you Blackbuster. But i think i know one of the reasons of why valve decideds to choose xbox 360 over the ps3. I love my ps3 but when it comes to multiplayer there are rarely people communitcating with each other. Not many people in the ps3 owns a headset thus making it kind of complicated to communicate with other players. A secure communication makes playing multiplayer really fun. I used to play Counter Strike Source for the pc all the time ;with a head set. I had a really great time talking and playing. It was just too fun. If somehow communication became secure and easy for the ps3 i think the multiplayer community would be stronger and a much funner experience. When i play killzone 2 or Metal Gear Online, there are rarely anyone talking. I mean its fun to play but i think with a strong communication it would funner. But other than that valves excuse of i”ts too hard to make for the ps3″ –>is JUST plain PATHETIC. And that does show that they are actually fanboys. Keep it up Blackbuster… Peace.

  • Dork

    I saw the story subject and was anxious to see if there were some good points but as soon as the video started it went downhill. :(


    PS: That’s not really timeline?

  • R4j2iLL

    good vid
    developers are shit

  • Permafry_42

    blackbustercritic, you should look up Black Mesa Project. It shows how epic mods can be for PC.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, you bitch constantly about Valve dissing your “precious” PS3? You seriously need to grow up.

  • Bucketdeth

    I enjoy Valves games but what they have been saying is fanboyish and just plain retarded, they need a lesson from Naughtydog.

    Great job BBC.

  • KillerdreamX

    @Anonymous I’m sorry Douchebag did you watch the Video properly or are you just a value fanboy that didn’t like BBC speaking the truth. He said he likes value and the games their make. He just doesn’t like their fanboyism type of attitude towards the PS3. You’re the one who needs to grow up and actually listen to what people say.

  • platinumrug

    Hilarious, I wish I was a huge PC gamer and that I could actually stand playing with a keyboard because I’d def be on the PC playing games like TF2 and L4D but unfortunately I’m a console only gamer. I definitely agree with you that VALVE out of all people talking shit, when every game you mentioned is better than any game they’ve ever made. It’s just hilarious to me, BBC you did it again!

  • Anonymous

    @killerdreamX: Sorry, but I did listen. He’s an idiot, and so are you. Go look at the comment made by Potcallingkettleblack. It explains everything.

  • Hitokiri


    why you come here by anonymous and let your stupidity on the loose??? do you are afraid that people can see who you really are? stop being a fanboy you just are annoyed because BBC dissed those stupids lazy “devs”. they deserved anyways.

  • Anonymous

    @Hitokiri : Yeah, that’s why no one liked Half life 2, Left 4 dead, or even fucking Team fortress 2.

    Give me a fucking break, dumbass.

    Like what that machine gunner said: “CRY SOME MORE!”

  • Anonymous

    The reason why I chose to be anonymus is because we are legion.
    We do not forgive
    We do not forget

  • Blubaloo

    oh man he went so hard on valve lol

  • LastBoss

    Valve needs to STFU and stop being ignorant.

  • Pervysage999

    LOL Valve just got owned. The only way they can redeem themselves is to make an excellent exclusive game for the PS3 and put a lot of effort into it. After wards they can buy all the Wendy’s and McDonald’s they want instead of resorting to coupons given by Microsoft.

  • Issac

    absolutely true! very nice video u clearly showed the stupidity of valve. i enjoyed this video a lot!

  • kairi_X

    awesome job

  • StudytheSequence

    Great video BBC. Valve makes very poor games on addictive engines. They are the single worst company as far as quality development on the market today. I’m glad they aren’t talented enough to program on PS3.

  • ArmoredGalant

    To summarize what BBC and the people who disagree with him say:
    Yes BBC went too far with insulting the game developer. Looking past that BBC is not a fanboy look up in a wikia what it means gives a good explanation if he was he would be for all the other consoles and games. The main point that people seem to miss in this video is that what Valve is doing in the business world would be considered unproffesional the only thing they managed to accomplish by making those comments is possibly lose sales, reputation and respect from sony. In that sense BBC is absolutely correct the last thing he said in the video should have to biggest impact on anyone. If you are in a business do not complain, do not talk trash about other companies and don’t make yourself look like an ass or you will lose money I dunno about you but if the people who made those comments worked for me the be finding a new job. Keep your mouth shut if you don’t have anything good say should be universal.

  • xZHakeemZx

    Great vid BBC i feel the same about them

  • Ixillius

    I love the games they make too. And in the end thats all i really care about. The product.

    However you’re right, as people, they should know better.

    As business men, they should know better.

    as a whole damned company they should know better.

    “He who digs a hole for somebody else, is digging his own grave.”

  • gabe

    i just cant stop laughing cause my name is gabe to XD Gabes lovin it

  • MGS1234

    great vid BBC

  • Taemaxsu

    So much Fanboy Devs nowadays, I rather my PS3 exclusives, because if i’m going to buy a multiplatform game i want to be sure and secure that they gave the PS3 version thier all in the development process, not some half ass shit. X-box 360 is the reason so many MP games suck, because the 360 dvd 9 disc is BS and it’s inferior to Bluray, thats why I prefer PS3 only games, f**** 360.

  • BlackStigma

    what’s the point in complaining anyways? they don’t want to develop for the PS3, plus it goes against their business model. only reason they make it for the 360 is because it’s easy to convert from PC to 360. Not necessarily because they prefer the 360, just because it’s easy to maximize their profit.

  • TheAnkh

    Dear Blackbuster Critic:

    You’re black no one cares about your opinion.

    That is all.

    P.S. you’re a fan boy of KFC

  • LegatoSkyheart

    They hate the PS3 yet…..Say that Nintendo Wii has better development tools?
    and Yeah. The PS3 community is pretty quite. We talk then when we don’t want to talk we just shut up. (and blurt out a word or two when we die.)

  • Kyle

    @theankh..ur outnumberd..about 49+ ppl dissagree with u..BBC is amazing and all what he said is true..and ur probably a fat white boy that haz no friends and was adopted by 2 african americans that beat yo ass!!

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