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The Homeroom Podcast – Episode 7: Reboots and Genre-Blending – Tasty Gaming Cocktails?

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Join us at PlayStation University for the next episode of our amazing podcast: Homeroom. Get to know us a bit more and listen to us talk about topics in gaming that need to be discussed. Witty banter and informative dialogue await you!

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • What We’ve Been Playing
  • PS3 Surpasses 360 in Global Sales
  • Tomb Raider Multiplayer Detailed
  • Franchises Jumping Platforms
  • Reboots – Why So Many and Are They Necessary?
  • Blending of Genres – Good or Bad?

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Email all questions to david@psuni.com or comment below!

Length: 45 minutes

Host: David Jagneaux       Featured Guests: Colten Timmons, Charles Singletary

Referenced Articles: DmC Devil May Cry Review, Skyfigher Review, Tomb Raider Multiplayer

Music Intro and Outro: Taikonaut’s Love by Yoann Turpin | Album – Rhythm n’ Bits

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