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The Last Rebellion Dated

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Earlier this year, the people who brought the PS3 exclusive Disgaea 3 announced that they had a new turned based JRPG titled Last Rebellion in development exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

Today it has been revealed that Last Rebellion will be seeing a January 28, 2010 release in Japan, which oddly enough is the same release date for JRPGs Ar Tonelico 3 (PS3) and Resonance of Fate(PS3,360) (End Of Eternity in Japan). A North American release has not been announced yet, but hopefully the wait won’t be too long.

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Comments (6)

  • Nick

    Hopefully that means the NA release won’t be too far off.

  • Loki

    Holy crap! I never heard of this game before. This is very interesting

  • LastBoss

    I love the Disgaea series!

  • Jim

    Wow thats a beautiful box art! Id get the game for that alone ><

  • Samuel Irk

    Well done. I like your posts. I’m feeling like I should contribute something but I’m not sure what to add! Anyhow, great blog you’ve got. I’ll be checking it out again soon.

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