SSF4 and Bayonetta dont need to be on …

Comment posted The most overlooked games of 2010 so far by Dr. Moogle.

SSF4 and Bayonetta dont need to be on there imo

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  • Kojima working on adventure game with Suda 51
    oh wow, only 1 comment? perhaps i should come back to reclaim my throne ;p

    probably too lazy tho -_-

    but anyways, this would be AWESOME, seeing as how heavy rain did quite exceptionally…..and we’re talking about kojima here… for those of you who dont know, kojima also did quite a few radio dramas; this would not be too far off.

    I mean, it can be a remake/sequel to policenauts/snatcher or a new IP and ill still probably buy it….lest it just totally bombed

  • Mega Man creator to announce new game
    really? you put the pic of X instead of megaman in representation of the FATHER OF MEGAMAN??

    what is this treachery??

  • Sony: We legitimized Gaming
    to a point they did….but i got into gaming when i was but a wee lad with the SNES and Genesis

    so yeah, they did bring in quite a lot of people tho

  • Expect more games to become movie IPs
    omg please no…..too many games are becoming movies…ang guess what? im pretty damn sure most of them WILL fail

    is this to be another stupid ass fad?

  • PS3 software sales outstrip Xbox 360’s: PS3 attach rate up to 8.1
    gawt damn, baby!

    @xbotman: not realy -_- FPS are usually trash, as that genre should have never gotten nearly as big as it should have……

    @xbotman (again): didnt GT5 have a release date already? or was that just a rumor?

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  1. 3D Dot Game Heroes is the only game I own on this list, it’s a great game and reminds me of my NES days, but I am sure some kids would question a game like that these day’s and how it would hold zero interest. I’d imagine old farts like me aren’t where the hardcore sales come from.

  2. in january i wouldve put mass effect 2 :p

  3. forget it, i thought they were talking about the best games xd

  4. Many gamers today are ignoring great titles as listed above for the sake of hype of some of the bigger titles. Plus many gamers only play shooters and ignore really amazing games especially JRPGs.
    Out of the games listed I only got 3D Dot Game Heroes. The only other title in this list that I’m interested in is Yakuza 3.
    However I will be getting Trinity Universe which I’m also certain will sell really bad and will be way more overlooked than Singularity. So Trinity Universe would be way more fitting for this list.

  5. @Ryan — Yea, I bought it for the nostalgia trip, too, but it’s also a damn fine game.

    @Sir Rickard — I can’t put a game on the list if I’ve never heard of it, lol. I guess we’ll see how that one turns out.

  6. EVERYONE needs to play Bayonetta. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever played. And from what I’ve heard about Yakuza, it offers a lot of content for the $60USD price tag.

  7. VofEscaflowne July 2, 2010 @ 20:20

    I bought Bayonetta a few weeks ago and I was totally blown away. Maybe the PS3 port is inferior but with the patch, the issues are barely noticeable… probably due to the fact that I never played or saw the 360 version in comparison. Anyone that enjoys actions games owes it to themselves to pick this one up. It has some of the most epic battles, an amazing soundtrack, and if you’re into it, a very hot main character 😛

    Aside from that, I also picked up both SSFIV and 3DDGH at launch. SSFIV kinda fell into the same territory as the original… played it for a while but quickly lost interest because of other games. I should probably pick up a fighting stick at some point for cheap to see how it is with that. 3DDGH is a fun game but I kind of stopped playing it once I reached the final boss… need to get back on that and at least finish it.

    The rest of them I never played but I plan on buying BioShock 2 whenever it drops in price even more and when I don’t have other games to play.

  8. I haven’t played anyone of them. I thought about getting 3D Dot Heroes but passed after getting Alan Wake and Red Dead and putting way too many hours into each.

  9. Well with heavy hitters like God of War III, BFBC2, ME2, Peace Walker and Heavy Rain NO SHIT NO ONE BOUGHT THESE GAMES.

  10. ^^ And Red Dead Redemption ^^

  11. Singularity takes place during the Cold War, circa 1955. It is a pretty decent game, actually, but received very little advertising.

  12. Super Street Fighter 4? Really.

    and I don’t know if it would be Yakuza or Resonance of Fate for March.

  13. SSF4 and Bayonetta dont need to be on there imo

  14. willie Coleman July 4, 2010 @ 22:45

    There are some games that get coverage then others. When I played the demo of Bayonetta, I was hooked. I think when so many was comparing it to Devil May cry series, that might of turned many gamers away. Which is stupid. For Bioshock2, they should of made it for the 360 first and then the PS3. It worked that way the first. I feel PS3 owners did not want such a big game only on the 360. But I don’t Bioshock sold that well on the PS3 I never been a big fan of SF4 but it seem fighting games are not as big as they use to be. Even Tekken 6 did not seem to have made much noise.. Since I don’t have a PS3, a few of those games i cant comment. I wish Sega would bring the Yakuza series to the 360.

  15. I agree with most of these, except Bayonetta i did not enjoy that game at all. And I will eventually get Yakuza 3 they did release it at a terrible time, especially considering 2010 was already raping my pockets

  16. How were Street Fighter and BioShock overlooked? Good list otherwise.

  17. Dreamer_Lion July 5, 2010 @ 10:38

    How about Darksiders?. I loved the game, but it seems more like a sleeper hit =J

  18. I completely agree with Bioshock 2 I though it was ALMOST as good as the first. It was a great game and like you said “This story gave the game something the original didn’t, which was an emotional attachment to character, one that you cared for”, still Bioshock’s story was ace so it would be pretty hard to top but the sequel at least got close.

  19. Singularity (as well as Blur) seem to have been casualties of the spat between GAME and Activision – no copies/ little promotion and ordering from them (and much as ppl love/hate GAME it still has power in the charting of a game)

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