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The Rev Report: Episode 1 ‘ODST Parody’

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It’s time for the first episode of our weekly segment entitled, The Rev Report. Prof. Rev, also known as SolidRev28 on YouTube, is our second YouTube Professor who will be creating exclusive video segments for our website. While Rev loves to bash on the 360 and some of its titles, it’s worth noting that he is a 360 owner and you shouldn’t take him so literally/serious. Enjoy the humor for what it’s worth.

Below, you’ll find Episode 1 of The Rev Report.

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Comments (27)

  • Nicholes

    Nice vid I had a good time watching.. especially the needler and grapes lol.. that is exactly what I thought the needler looked like when I first saw it.

  • Permafry42

    sorry, but sarcastic gamer did a better parody.

  • Zack M

    Hahaha. Nice parody. Loved the Needler. lol
    What game was that featured at the end of the video?

  • DonkeyNut

    hahahaha dude that was seriously hilarious
    Great exclusive vid

  • yuzyk69

    good vid solidrev

  • jaz350z

    lmao but what was the game at the end???

  • Skynet4EVER


  • TheScourge

    wat was the game at the end???

  • NoctisLucisCaelum

    damn you people dont know about fear 2? to all the people who are interested what game was at the end.. it was fear 2 project origin

  • MM51-TheRealDeal

    good video
    its sunday in the UK btw

  • Alch3mist

    Fuckin A! Rev…

  • Ricochet

    Excellent acting. Can’t wait for the next Rev Report.

  • xhojox

    lol that was epic. THE NEEDLER#@%$!#

  • ikeman111

    lol this is my favorite class so far

  • POPScorn

    good vid!

  • Tadin

    lmao…omg i wasn’t expecting the teddy bear..hahaha

  • Kratos

    I loled so hard when he went into FPS view and then the music started. LOL, great vid and looking forward to see many more.

  • thecodenameissnake

    fucking shat myself on the grapes,nice vid.

  • Remahr

    A+! Hilarious video. I’ll be looking forward to the weekly Rev Report!

  • Khar Ramsus

    I hope this guy hates the 360 and halo as much as he talks about.

  • Khar Ramsus

    The game at the end looked so much better than Halo.

  • Goldentiger33

    Type your message here…

  • Goldentiger33

    Basically he like just swiped the gun outta his hand its so funny

  • War Machine

    I love the grapes, I can’t stop laughing about that.

  • KiLL_zIDe

    LOL i luv the parodies and monolith puts the fear in bungie

  • TK

    Hope this is a hint that the old Rev is coming back

  • Blackou7

    No homo, but Rev is my fav guy from YouTube. Not sure what happened with him and this site, but I hope he comes back!

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