The Seven Best PlayStation Robots Ever


How freaking awesome are robots?

Robots have been a mainstay in most video games for years, and have given many a memorable moment in games. Whether they are remembered as enduring characters that help us or as an indomitable force for us to overcome, robots are a fun addition to any game on the PS3.  So much fun, in fact, that we at PSUni thought to look back at some of those robots, and give thanks for some awesome memories.

Honorable Mention: Every Metal Gear Ever

For this piece, I was given the restriction of keeping it to sentient robots with personalities, which is fair. But my apologies to Joe, but there is no way I can do a piece on video game robots, and not bring up my personal favorites of all time. (Ed. note: Hey, they’re my favorites, too!)

Metal Gears have certainly evolved over the years from that awful computer monitor that it started as in the first Metal Gear. The battles with these machines are always the most memorable part of every Metal Gear game. The entire game builds beautifully and explains how impressive and invincible these machines are. When you finally make it to it, you’re left wondering, “How the heck do I fight this thing?” It’s awesome story telling each and every time. On top of this, Hideo Kojima does an amazing job making the entire fight an absolute spectacle to behold. From the motorcycle chase with the Shagohod in MGS3, to the epic confrontation with multiple Metal Gear Rays in MGS2, and to the Rex vs. Ray battle in MGS4. Metal Gear, while not sentient, is responsible for many brilliant moments on the PlayStation, and deserves to be recognized.

7) Mega Man

Before I get angry comments, the reason I put Mega Man at number five is simple: He still has the stigma of a Nintendo character to me. True, he has put in his time with the PlayStation with some great Mega Man X games and PSN sequels. But I’m too old school, and I still remember him from the glory days of the NES. Thus, I consider him on par with Mario, Link, and the rest of the Nintendo faces. You may proceed to call me an old man when ready. (How is he not in Smash Bros?)

Out of the five, Mega is definitely the veteran here. Mega Man has been around for almost 25 years, and has appeared in over 20 games, and his eternal battle with Dr. Wily and his various robots have been played for years. Cut then to the 22nd century and his battle with Sigma and his Mavericks, a plot that gets surprisingly adult in various games. He’s even been in multiple fighting games from the Marvel vs. Capcom series.

The guy is a workhorse! It’s almost like he’s a machine or something! Oh. Wait.

6) Claptrap

I love Claptrap. This magnificent garbage can on wheels has become the symbol of the Borderlands series, and a more appropriate symbol could not have been created. Just like the series, Claptrap is zany, over the top, and hysterical. He was the first thing to welcome you when you entered the world of Pandora, setting the tone of the game perfectly as he displayed his name as a gang sign.

He would re-appear many times throughout the game, from a Mad Max Punk to a Zombie. In fact, he was the final boss in the last bit of DLC. The Intergalactic Ninja Assassin is a staple of the Borderlands universe, and has become one in video games. I can hardly wait to see what he’s up to in Borderlands 2 when it releases next summer.

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  1. personaly id put Clank on top
    i love the funny evil-ish robot that Glados is (its like a female Bender)
    but Clank, *SPOILER* is the master of space-time that would no problem give up his title to save youre dead ass, hes the best sidekick you could wish for, plus he knows cqc

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