Top 5 Under-Hyped Upcoming Games

Lots of games are coming to the PS3 and trust me, the hype machine is going on full effect for a lot of these games, and deservingly so. However, I can’t help but feel that some upcoming games are getting overlooked. Not surprising considering the sheer number of great games coming out; though it’s a shame because there are some games coming out look amazing. So for this column, we’re looking at the Top 5 Up-Coming Games that aren’t getting as much hype as they should be getting.

5. Metal Gear Rising

Due my own personal bias, this is my number one. For those who read my review on Metal Gear HD Collection in my Game Bundles review, you know I love this series. Every entry in the Metal Gear Series has never ceased to amaze me. The MGS Bundle has me so ready to relieve all those memories again when they hit later this month on PS3.

For those who don’t know, Metal Gear Solid Rising takes place between the events of MGS2 heading into MGS4. The events follow Raiden and explain his ascent from whiney loser to the badass he was in the last game, a journey I’m very interested in taking. The game takes the focus of stealth and into what Hideo Kojima calls “Lightening Bolt Action” What exactly does it mean? I don’t know for sure, but I assume it translates to being able to do stuff like this.

This game focuses on being able to use Raiden’s katana to cut ANYTHING.  And then, cut it again with pinpoint accuracy. But most importantly, I’ve very curious to see how this further wraps up the Metal Gear Solid saga. Like how did Rose and Campbell come to meet each other? What further tragedies happened to Raiden to make him what he is today? I expect those things and more to be explained further in this sequel.

Now some people have become annoyed the game for taking as long as it has to has, including PSU’s own Joe Garcia in a recent column. To be honest, I can understand that. But at the same time, I’m kind of used to this from Kojima Productions. MGS4 for instance, took a long time for it to be released. However, I will say, it was definitely worth the wait. In fact, it’s my favorite game to this day, lack of trophies and all.  So I definitely think this will be more than worth it when it’s released. Just remember, the more it’s pushed back, the better it will be.

Those of you saying “Like Duke Nukem Forever?”… Point taken. However, lets reserve that comeback till we get to year five of development.

4. Borderlands 2

To me, Borderlands was the sleeper hit of 2009. It had great gameplay, and an over-the-top sense of humor. Plus, Its had some of the best DLC that I’ve ever seen in a video game as well; spanning from a zombie survival horror to a gladiator arena, to a fun treasure hunt expedition with a near invincible boss, and to a fun farewell to the series. Oh, the over 2,000,000 guns to collect also gave people a reason to stick around as well.

I’ve been waiting for Borderlands 2 to be announced ever since “Borderworlds” was trademarked by GearBox. The game is already shaping up to be even better than before. Keep in mind when Borderlands was created, it was considered to be a filler game for the company with no real backing. Now that Gearbox realizes that they have hit, they are really putting some effort into it. The landscapes, which were pretty boring before, have gotten a massive overhaul. The landscapes are now actually a sight to behold, and the battlefields are more complex now too. On top of that, they’ve dramatically improved the abilities and AI of the enemies. For instance, they can now climb up walls in attempt to club you or shoot you till you stop moving.

On top of that, they’ve added all new character classes, improved skill trees, and yes even more guns. Trust me this game will be awesome.

3. Lollipop Chainsaw

From the brain trust that got us a video game featuring “An Otaku who buys a lightsaber on Ebay and becomes an Assassin” comes his next big video game, Lollipop Chainsaw.

As of this time, not much is known about the game, but here’s the skinny. You play Juliet Sterling, a former Cheerleader turned demon hunter (because in the world of Suda51, you’re either an Assassin or a Demon Hunter). Using your skills as a cheerleader and your trusty chainsaw, you begin a war against Punk Rock Zombies who have taken over your school.  Helping you along in your quest are your family and a disembodied head that’s happens to your boyfriend.

Personally, this feels like its ripping off “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” just a little bit. However, the trip that is a Suda51 game is always worth the price of admission, and Suda51 games are always the perfect example of how zany Japanese games can be. That… and I got to admit, I’m curious to see how one fights off a Zombie Invasion with pompoms.

2. Twisted Metal

I’m going to admit something that may lose me some street cred, but I hate driving games. They’re simply aren’t my cup of tea. Not saying they’re isn’t some good car racing games, but I tend to avoid the genre. Sometimes however they manage to release something that really can’t help but grab my attention… and that something is Twisted Metal.

I really know nothing about the series, with the exception that it features a clown in an ice cream truck. But I have been watching the trailers. Graphically, the game looks great. The post apocalyptic world of Twisted Metal really does come alive here. In the trailer I was watching Sweet Tooth drive around shoot things. This isn’t what got my attention. He was then rammed off the road and starts to fall down a cliff. Again not what got my attention? What did get it was when Sweet Tooth’s car transformed into a mech and started flying! Then he started blasting cars from the air! What kind of driving game was this?

You look at everything else, and the game looks insane, especially the multiplayer. These mode features gangs of players battling for supremacy; till they eventually get a hold of the gang leader. From there they chain him by the ankles and drag them to a nuclear missile and shoot them at some big item of the other team (Like Dollface’s even more gigantic mech).

The game is, no pun intended, like a car crash; you can’t help but watch. Granted, some may have soured on it as it due to being pushed back to February 14th, but I say be happy. Once again, being pushed back just means its going to be even better when it comes out.

1. Tomb Raider

I will admit; I never played too many Tomb Raider games. Yes, I admit Lara Croft has become a very iconic character, but her games never interested me. When I first learned about this Tomb Raider being about the beginning of Lara Croft and what she would become, I did start to get interested.

I say only say start because I heard what happened to Samus in Metroid Other M. I know its really possible to “drop the ball” when it comes to characters. I will admit after seeing the gameplay demo at E3, there is potential. Yes, it showed a lot of Croft being very vulnerable, but considering this is her origin story, that makes a lot of sense. No character starts off badass, sometimes they have to fight through amazing hardship before getting to be the character they are now.  Thus allowing the audience to get a connection to the character, and even start to care for the character. I’m really hoping this is the case with this reboot. I love great stories in video games, and if they can make one with Tomb Raider, then I may end up having a new favorite character onto my resume.

Plus Crystal Dynamics have been pretty respectable thus far with her. For instance, no gigantic boobs on her in this game. The overall feel to the game is a lot different. Instead of scaling walls using gymnastics, it feels more like a survival horror game, and the game has a very big “adapt or die!” type of feel to it. If you consider everything that Lara faces (raptors, angry natives, lots of instances of being trapped, etc) it really makes sense that she’d be scared to death. Which makes me very interested to see her journey be able to stare those same dangers in the face, and not be scared. The potential of this game has me pumped.

So what do you think, PS3 Alumni? Excited for any of these games? Let your opinions be heard in the comments below!

Readers Comments (4)

  1. The only one of these I’m really excited for is Borderlands 2.

    • Borderlands 2 will awesome hands down… but I still strongly recommend keeping an eye out for these games as time goes on.

  2. The only reason MGS: Rising isn’t in full – hype mode is because the game is still more than 12 months away from release. Trust me, this time next year that game will be recieveing just as much build – up as MGS4 did.

    As for Tomb Raider…the emergence of Uncharted has kinda made that franchise irrelevant, IMO. I don’t see this reboot becoming an instant classic.

    • Kind of early to write off the entire franchise, especially when this is meant as a reboot for the whole series. The direction they’re taking the series (especially in the direction of almost a survival horror) Could mean big things for franchise if they can pull it off right. I still recommend keeping an eye on this one.

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