Top 8 Home Improvements

It’s hard to believe that we’re coming up on the one year anniversary of Home’s open beta launch. With millions of transactions taking place, anybody who thought this social networking application would result in utter failure has pretty much been proven wrong. I know personally, I started taking more interest in Home after the release of the EA Sports Home space and the addition of Poker, but for some, you’ve been there since day 1. Well, with a year nearly in the books, I thought I’d break down the top 8 improvements I’d like to see Home make in order to push the application to the next level.

  • Home support from more exclusive titles in order to create Spaces.

One of the coolest aspects of the Home world is the ability to explore and hang out in Home spaces designed after some of our favorite video games. The problem is, there doesn’t seem to be enough exclusive support when it comes to Home. There have been a ton of exclusive titles released for the PlayStation 3 that has yet to capitalize on the Home aspect of things. I’m most particularly surprised that we’ve yet to receive a Hot Shots Golf space or LittleBigPlanet facility for us to play some minor miniature golf or even the ability to do a little programmed platforming.

What are some of the Home Spaces you’d like to see developed?

  • Home Space mini-games need more access. Wait times are worse than theme parks.

We’ve all been there in Home, right? Standing around in the Siren Home space waiting an hour or more to play their mini-game only to last 30 seconds because of other Home characters wearing Nurses outfits leaving us confused, right? Who hasn’t that happened too? I’m sure a lot of you have experienced the same thing at the Golf Driving range in the EA Sports space or the Burn Zombie Burn maze. This is one of the most disappointing aspects of Home for me, because I think I’d spend a lot more time in the virtual world if I was able to take part in some of its aspects more often.

How many of you have had this problem when going to spend time in the social network application?

  • Home Items need to come in a little bit quicker batches.

When the Home updates take place every week or so, small batches of clothes make their way into Home; however, they seem to be coming a lot slower than I thought they would. I don’t know if I’m correct or not, but I’d almost bet that LittleBigPlanet has released more clothing content since release than Home has. It’s definitely got to be close, right? I understand Home can double their numbers through two genders, but I still feel we need to see more creation and production from the Home store environment. Also – Much like Home Spaces, Home needs to develop more game-oriented clothing items as well.

Agree or disagree? Simple as that.

  • Spaces need to be demo-able before users buy. Having “open houses” through other users is great, but sometimes we can’t schedule our lives around the other users being on.

Currently, Sony offers up specific user volunteers who are willing to show you the new purchasable apartments before buying, however, I’d like to know why these apartment spaces don’t have an option to just demo them. With Home v1.3 set to launch, players will be able to try on clothes before purchasing. I’d imagine this is the next likely process in the line of upgrades.

Have you ever purchased a Home apartment and then realized maybe you should have passed?

  • Arcade games shouldn’t reset on you. Taking out the dog in real life and coming back to a game that’s returned to the start screen is frustrating!

So, I was checking out the Ice Breaker game at the good ole’ Bowling Alley when my dog needed to go out. Since he was a puppy, I knew he’d take it out on the carpet if I didn’t take him outside. At this point in the Ice Breaker session, I was nearing the end hoping to unlock the rest of the clothing items to complete my set. Alas, when I returned with my pooch in tow, the stupid game had set me to start screen because I had idled for too long. While I understand this is a precaution to prevent people from hogging the machines and leaving the house, it’s quite frustrating when you need to take a legitimate break. I think they should either extend the wait time to a more legitimate amount or remove it entirely.

Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Avatar Interaction. Actions should be able to take place like handshakes, hugs, etc…if opposing player accepts. Things like High Fives and “secret handshakes” would be awesome.

Avatars can wave and dance, of course, even I could put down some better dance moves, but they don’t really have any avatar-to-avatar interaction. How cool would it be if you could give a buddy a virtual high five after bowling a strike? I know it would pump me up even more! It may sound odd, but I think improving the avatar interactions would create a more engulfing atmosphere within the Home world.

Would you be for or against this addition?

  • Voice Chat needs to return.

This one is fairly simple. Voice interaction was fun. Sure we had the random avatar blasting annoying music that a mother would hate, but I’d bet there is a lot more of us who would like to see it return than those that wouldn’t. I say, bring it back and let us have our virtual say!

Agree of disagree?

  • Finally Implement Trophy Support

It feels like forever since Sony demonstrated how cool it would be for your Home apartment to display some of your crowning Trophy achievements, doesn’t it? To see a sweet Batman Trophy reflecting the last Platinum Trophy you unlocked. Bring a couple of friends over so they can get jealous over your ever-growing inventory of awards. Don’t kid yourself, you know you consider your Trophy whoring as a sign of awesomeness. So, let’s stop kidding ourselves and stop letting Sony jerk us around with it. Release the Trophy support into Home already and let’s start filling up our apartments with achievements only we care about!

How excited are you to finally see this implemented?

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  1. I like most of them, but the voice chat I would like to see conference calls so you can still only talk to those you call and have several or more in on the conversation unlike the single user it is now.

  2. Pmac, that’s an awesome idea man. I never even thought of like a “Skype” inside Home option. I think that would be an awesome way to use their affiliation with Skype, TBH. Have in-Home Skype conferencing.

  3. Totally agreed with the Trophy support. RE5 supported trophies by awarding you little decorative statues and other stuff to decorate your place for bragging rights. Got a Wesker, Chris, Sheva and Jill table figures and a treasure chest for getting all the trophies.

    As for the Skype idea, it doesn’t sound too shabby! PSP can do this, PS3 should do it in a heartbeat if the developers really wanted to!

  4. JESSE AARON DASS September 23, 2009 @ 03:34

    Great improvements!

  5. One thing I would like to see more integration into the XMB. Just a couple of small things to start off with, like being able to use your Home avatar as your XMB avatar, or maybe some sort of quicklaunch feature that gets you into Home with little to no wait.

  6. I lov ur ideas the trophy displays of each of ur plat is a great 1

    Please Sony listen 2 these ideas!!!

  7. Great ideas, got me thinking. I also think they need 2 add the features for buying tv’s and uploading ur own vids and stuff.

  8. I barely use Home. When I do, I think it’s great, but any improvements are welcome. Some of these ideas are cool, and I hope Sony is picking up on our feedback!

  9. I strongly agree with the voice chat. There is too many times when i am with my friends and i am limited to talking to one of them. I know at my apartment i could talk to all, but i would prefer the regular voice chat so we could talk wherever. They could at least have an option whether to accept someone trying to talk to you or not, then you would be able to talk to multiple people rather than just one. Seriously you would think the call feature would be useful for calling friends who are at another game space but i end up having to use it on a friend who is right in front of me. I remember seeing a video of Home having a room for your trophies, i hope this will not take a long time to arrive in Home.

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