Faith YES! Definitely there. Good list, even if …

Comment posted Top 8 New Faces of Gaming by Remahr.

Faith YES! Definitely there. Good list, even if I didn’t know two of them …

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  • Inafune: Japan makes awful games
    He’s fallen off the edge. Valkyria Chronicles is brilliant, as is Eternal Sonata, and Demon’s Souls was the most original game to come to this gen is years. And that’s just talking about this-gen! Look at Sony’s 3D capabilities, Gran Turismo 5 and Monster Hunter. Look at Nintendo and their Wii, and their 3DS, their constantly changing and pioneering technology.

    He’s speaking with his damn pockets. “I want to study how westerners live, and make games that appeal to them.” So you’re going to try your hand at making an FPS, then? Be my guest. Even if you make a much better game than Halo or Call of Duty, you will sell but a tiny fraction of their titles.

    God, why don’t you just try and direct a film, while you’re at it? Oh…

  • What we want from The Last Guardian at TGS
    yeah, everything here is basically what i want from them. a team ico collection is my most-wanted collection. forget bloody sly! i did sotc when it came out, but at 11, i was a year or two behind the ico release, and still haven’t gotten ’round to playing it, so i would definitely buy the collection! especially if it comes with a price tag similar to the gow collection. best £16 i ever spent!
  • Kinect’s failings, or why we need 1:1 motion
    Technically, it’s a brilliant product, but they have not shown many ways in which it can be used in their promised ground-breaking terms, or even successfully.

    They will get fanboys and a couple of casuals getting these games, but a HD Wii is something that I can really get into… For us one-console guys, HD Wii ports are a yes please :3.

  • Pachter talks PS+
    I don’t think they’re in much chance of having losses. PS+ is a good choice for hardcore gamers, with deals and freebies, and it’s a good choice for the company, because it’s a subscription service which their rival has been reaping the benefits of since this generation began.
  • Media Molecule: We still feel independent
    Good for them! Sony have a good library of first-party developers, but to get one as unique as Media Molecule was a very clever scoop.

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  1. Nathan is one of the best names I KNOW! CAUSE IT’s my name.

  2. Bad list, the only one I agree with is Nathan Drake.

  3. Great list, 2 great characters and both named Nathan. 🙂

  4. I really love Mirror’s Edge.. the music, atmosphere, graphics, controls, gameplay are pretty damn unique.

    Faith really tops it off. She is asian, but not in a stereotypical way, shes tough, fast, smart but to a realistic way.

    I really am looking forward to Mirror’s Edge 2 and I hope they use the same singer from Mirror’s Edge theme song to sing the theme song of ME2. (hell.. even use the same song)

    It was a blast unlocking platinum trophy in ME, frustrating at times when I screwed up like a dumb ass, but it good fun nonetheless.

  5. I definitely agree with Drake and Altair.

  6. Your list is pretty good but I got a better list though it’s in no particular order.
    I won’t give you rankings only names so here are the real top 8 characters this generation.
    —Nathan Drake (Uncharted)
    —Cole (Infamous)
    —Marcus Fenix (Gears of War)
    —Sheppard (Mass Effect)
    —Altair (Assassin’s Creed)
    —Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden) = Didn’t feel he got enough credit last gen so I’m giving him credit now in this gen.
    —Sev (Killzone 2)
    —Nariko (Heavenly Sword)
    —Captain Price (Call of Duty 4 & Modern Warfare 2)
    —Nathan Hale (Resistance: Fall of Man & Resistance 2)

  7. This list was made for Nathan Drake and Altair, my favorite chars this gen

  8. Faith YES! Definitely there. Good list, even if I didn’t know two of them …


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