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Two Worlds II to last twenty-five hours

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The original Two Worlds was at one time pegged as a competent competitor for Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls franchise, but upon release ended up being more of a laughing stock than anything else. However, the developers behind the title are trying to right that ship by releasing a sequel more in tune with what gamers of that genre desire. One of the key features behind that change is implementing a much longer campaign experience that doesn’t take into account all of the side quests and mini-objectives.

According to Jake DiGennaro, Two Worlds II’s campaign itself should take roughly twenty-five total hours to complete. This is a lot of entertainment for your $60 purchase so long that the game that goes along with the campaign is actually enjoyable.

“The main storyline will take players roughly 25 hours to complete, with an additional 15-20 hours of side-questing and exploring,” revealed the PR & community director.

“But don’t forget there is an entirely separate online co-op campaign, as well as PvP and the highly anticipated ‘Village Mode’ to keep players busy in the world of Antaloor long after they conquer the single player campaign!”

Is this something that will increase your interest in the title or is still a no-buy for you?

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Comments (4)

  • iggy the 456

    The first game was crap.

  • Pollo

    I would like to wait fort a review, but to be honest that is a decent lengh of a game….i mean it is not 5 Hours long like Alan Wake.

  • SonyJunkie

    Kind of excited to see more on this game. It just looks interesting and good but heard the first was not so good.

  • TRF

    The first game was complete and utter trash. However, this game looks pretty decent. I’m actually kind of excited for it, much to my dismay.

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