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Uncharted 2 Review and Giveaway coming Tomorrow (10/6)

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I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that we’ll be releasing our thoughts on the retail version of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves tomorrow. We’ll be reviewing the single-player campaign in its entirety as well as include a pretty sweet Uncharted 2 video montage.

Further more, we understand that it’s difficult for gamers to be able to purchase all of the year’s Holiday titles, considering how many there are — so we’ll be giving away a copy of Uncharted 2 tomorrow as well. The giveaway will run for three days and the winner will be chosen Thursday night and if details are emailed in time, the game will be shipped Friday. That means the lucky winner will be playing Uncharted 2 by launch day! Exciting, right?

Remember to check back with us tomorrow for full details and information!

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Comments (11)

  • Thorzilla

    God damn, here’s to hoping for me wining!

  • michael

    ZOMG!!!! i want to win this so bad!!!!1q11!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Omega

    Great game

  • jaz350z

    I hope you pick me!
    I’ve been waiting for it since I saw the first Uncharted =P

  • M.n.M

    Hopefully I have a shot at winning.

  • a11for1

    I played the hell out of the demo. I could just imagine how the full game will play. Looking forward to the review and the UC2 giveaway details.

  • Dave-The-Rave

    Awesome, thanks Dean..

  • Kar94k

    If college was this good, i’d go everyday

  • PointBlank771

    This sounds very cool. I have my pre-order paid for, but if I win, I’m giving it to my son. He has his own PS3 slim.

  • Yusuf

    Hope it’s a great game!

    I hope I win the competition too!

  • DeadlyAnGeL91792

    OMG god please if you love me let me win please!

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