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Exclusive Interview – Video X Games: Gamer’s Paradise

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The summer is always a great time for gaming. Kids are out of school, lots of time is wasted in front of a TV, and Major League Gaming and Evolution both have championships. The latter has been seen as the big leagues of American gaming, but recently there has been talk of a third world-class championship in the summer. Of course I am referencing the Video X Games tournament in St. Maarten.

I was fortunate enough to get an interview with the co-founder of the event “it’s ya boy” Rolando Brison. Check it out to hear our discussion on traveling to the┬áCaribbean, events, special guests, “the VXG package,” and so on:

I encourage everyone who can to try to get out to this tournament. Abound with Caribbean food, parties, gaming, and fun, the Video X Games package seems to be a gamer’s paradise.

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  • Colten Timmons

    the audio is a bit off at first (seems like a mic issue), but all in all not a bad review.

    • Colten Timmons


  • DJ L Toro

    Yeah that’s what was messing me up at the beginning, I was trying to figure out how to limit the feedback that was coming through. I tried to compensate for that be editing down the volume of the audio, but that couldn’t get rid of the echo.
    Thanks for the input.

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