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Top 16 Video Game Cosplay Sensations — Win $20 PSN Card

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Hey guys,

Today, we’re going to roll out our favorite video game cosplay sensations feature. This feature will show off our 16 favorite cosplayers from around the world from various gaming titles. Some of the characters are more obvious than others, but there is a secret reason for this.

Instead of making it obvious as to who all 16 characters are — we’re going to give you guys a couple of challenging ones to guess. Now, here’s the kicker, every single person who guesses all 16 characters correctly will have the chance to win one of two $20 PSN Cards that we will give away this Sunday. Not too difficult right? Email your entries to contest@playstationuniversity.com…

If everyone fails to guess the 16 characters, then we’ll be sure to give the two PSN Cards to the two individuals who have the most correct guesses. Remember — leave a valid email address linked to your comment letting us know you entered so that we can contact you if you win. You are also allowed more than one entry, so enter as many times as you’d like!

Here is the first image, check out the next pages to see and guess the rest (we suggest opening up notepad so you can number them).

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Comments (68)

  • dude

    dude, your nerds… get a gf and a life lool!

  • ThatGuy

    Is #5 Cloud Strife? Just throwing something out there.

  • nawoa

    That’s a terrible Samus costume. I saw one that was a hundred times better, and she had a few variations on it too. Corrupted and Zero Suit.



    And here she is with the Mario (and a dozen other Nintendo characters) voice actor: http://yukilefay.deviantart.com/gallery/8484407?offset=0#/d2wp55b

  • CaptainJorge

    nawoa: great Samus links!

  • DSpider

    7 was awful. Simply awful.

  • All-Aksion

    #5 is “Whip” from King of Fighters? She is wearing a military outfit, and has a bullwhip on her shoulder, and licking her finger like her win pose. But this cosplayer is blonde not redheaded…

  • Norg

    Turks fail for having black instead of navy suits

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  • vimal raj

    it is good

  • KidGoku13

    This list is complete and utter bullshit; PikminLink wasn’t on here, and she is AMAZING at cosplaying. You fail. <3

  • Elanor

    Vanille and Lightning are awfull!

  • Brad Rochon


  • thomas kavanagh

    breathtaking and makes me speechless… Amazing work

  • Duwain-Gametrender

    Impressive! When’s this sensation going to expand properly beyond the East? We can only hope and wait!

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