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Top 16 Video Game Cosplay Sensations — Win $20 PSN Card

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  • dude

    dude, your nerds… get a gf and a life lool!

  • ThatGuy

    Is #5 Cloud Strife? Just throwing something out there.

  • nawoa

    That’s a terrible Samus costume. I saw one that was a hundred times better, and she had a few variations on it too. Corrupted and Zero Suit.



    And here she is with the Mario (and a dozen other Nintendo characters) voice actor: http://yukilefay.deviantart.com/gallery/8484407?offset=0#/d2wp55b

  • CaptainJorge

    nawoa: great Samus links!

  • DSpider

    7 was awful. Simply awful.

  • All-Aksion

    #5 is “Whip” from King of Fighters? She is wearing a military outfit, and has a bullwhip on her shoulder, and licking her finger like her win pose. But this cosplayer is blonde not redheaded…

  • Norg

    Turks fail for having black instead of navy suits

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  • vimal raj

    it is good

  • KidGoku13

    This list is complete and utter bullshit; PikminLink wasn’t on here, and she is AMAZING at cosplaying. You fail. <3

  • Elanor

    Vanille and Lightning are awfull!

  • Brad Rochon


  • thomas kavanagh

    breathtaking and makes me speechless… Amazing work

  • Duwain-Gametrender

    Impressive! When’s this sensation going to expand properly beyond the East? We can only hope and wait!

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