Volition thinks a new system not playing used games is a “fantastic” idea

Many of you have heard the rumors of the next gen Xbox not playing used games. Most gamers (including me) are not in favor of this and many see it as an all around bad move from developers and/or publishers. However, it seems that some people in the video game industry have no problem with this method. In his blog, game designer for Volition Jameson Durall had these praises to say for the idea of future consoles not playing used games:

Personally I think this would be a fantastic change for our business and even though the consumers would be up in arms about it at first…they will grow to understand why and that it won’t kill them.

t does have it’s faults that would have to ironed out…like game rental.  I’m a fan of rental companies because they have to buy copies of the game to be able to rent them out and if someone likes the game, there is a chance they would purchase it for themselves.  I could see Microsoft implementing their own rental service which would maybe give them a code that activates the game for X days and they are charged a small amount.  This could work when you borrow the disc from someone or even with digital download of the full version.  It would also send a percentage of the rental to the Developer with each rental…likely improving the overall revenue we would receive from it.

Another issue would be with simply lending the game to a friend, but maybe they could implement something similar to what Amazon is doing with their Kindle Books lending policy.  The license of the game could be transferred for a set time to another Gamer Tag and the original owner won’t be able to play during that time.  Seems like it could work.

In the end, I fully believe that we have to do something about these issues or our industry is going to fall apart.  People often don’t understand the cost that goes into creating these huge experiences that we put on the shelves for only $60.  They also don’t seem to realize how much they are hurting us when they buy a used game and how pirating a copy is just plain stealing.  Maybe something as simple as educating them could help solve the problem…

You’ll forgive me if Jameson glowing recommendations for this plan do little to spur on my inner anti-used games activist. Though I am all for publishers and developers getting what they deserve in payment, making a system designed to reject used games doesn’t seem like the way to go.

[Source: AltDevBlogADay]

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