Want a God of War III demo code? Pick up the God of War Bundle in Nov.

Some of you may have heard of an exclusive title on the PlayStation 3 by the name of God of War, right? Well, if you have. You’re probably aware that Sony is planning on releasing a remastered version of both God of War the original and God of War II this November. Both titles will be packaged into a Blu-ray disc and are digitally remastered into High-Definition resolution running at a whopping 60FPS.

Chances are, if you own the previous two titles already, there is very little reason as to why you may have picked up this bundle come November. However, now that the Official PlayStation Blog has revealed that the bundle will indeed come with a demo code for God of War III, I have a feeling sales and pre-orders are preparing to skyrocket. That’s correct. Those who purchase this upcoming bundle in November will have the opportunity to get their hands-on the same demo displayed at E3 2009. Pretty nifty, right?

According to the Official Blog, you can expect gameplay footage of this remastered franchise shortly.

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  1. This is a great value at $39.99. This will be flying of the shelves this fall.

  2. 59.99 dude

  3. I like this site…

  4. I’m pretty sure this game is $40 because I already pre-ordered this. This game is going to sell like crazy.

  5. Yesssssss. I’m so going to get that bundle.

  6. Hey everyone, make sure you pick this up. At $40 you cant beat 2 remastered GoW games, and a free exclusive demo. Thats the best $40 you will spend all year, guaranteed. I am sure this will be a huge seller, how can you turn it down? Also, I really want to see the same thing done for ICO and Shadow of the Colossus before the Last Guardian releases. If this collection sells well, that may happen especially if we all start asking for it! This is a great idea to remaster PS2 games. Hell, nintendo has been doing it for years (N64 ports to GC, GC ports to Wii) and yeah it sells.

  7. I wanted 2 play this on my ps3 but I couldnt but now I can
    now just do the same for kingdom hearts 1&2

  8. Yeah, I heard about that. God of War III is going to be friggin awesome. Can’t wait for it to release already. I’ll surely demo it out for sure. Peace brother of the net.

  9. i m me 4 the code (XxAlixX), if u have a cool name i’ll give it to you.

  10. come on i just bought the collection but no demo thats sad 🙁

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