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Watch the new GOW III trailer in HQ 1080p

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So, we’ve all seen the new God of War III trailer on Game Trailers. Though it states “high-definition”, the truth is that the Flash video is low-bitrate. So we thought we’d rectify that for you with a high quality full-1080p version of the trailer. Of course, God of War III will render natively at 720p, but this trailer needs to be seen in full-HD goodness.

The game’s director Stig Asmussen has come out to state that the trailer shows no CG trickery (apart from the blades at the beginning we expect):

Just to give a little perspective on what we were going for with this trailer, we really wanted to sell the high action of the game and put together snippets of several of the big moments. Everything is pulled straight from the game – there is no trickery, etc. Everything is running in “real time.” There are no “cinematic” sequences here, meaning this is all gameplay.

So for a 1080p version of the new God of War III trailer, please download it from this link. Oh and you can play this video on your PS3 =)

You can also find a new set of 720p God of War III screenshots in our gallery.

For those of you who want to watch the trailer in low-quality while you’re downloading the superior 1080p version, here’s what GT has to offer:

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Comments (37)

  • xXxKSA07xXx

    They could have made it better. Most of the trailer is just Kratos flying all over the place.

  • Prof. Paddy

    Oh Bungie, you have to be joking. From the 1080p trailer this would be at the very top of video game graphics, ahead of even Uncharted 2.

  • lewis

    bungie! shut up! you fool, he’s a troll from N4G total 360 fanboy who’s jealous because reach looks close to halo 3 and alan wake has great textures but the characters are as stiff as golden eye for the n64 lol

  • Nick

    “Well the 1st one of those links looks kind of nice even if it is CGI ”

    None of it is CGI. The entire trailer was in-game. Stop trolling. It makes you look like a fool.

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  • bungie is a tard

    Bungie, I swear if you don’t stop your bullshit trolling, I will find out where you live and slam a foot up your fanboy ass.

  • Loki

    Gave me a boner. That was fricking awesome

  • Makidian

    Can’t you at least try to be a good troll because you suck. I mean you suck at it. And if you think the vXIII is going to the 360 you can keep on dreaming, it’s Nomura’s game and SE is in no position to piss off their bread winner.

  • BUNGIE the gay xbot

    LOOL bungie u must b the most jealous xbox fanboy whos gettin pissd of at the fact that gow3 wont b coming on xbox and ur jealous becoz there is no any other games on xbox that can match the quality of gow3 y dnt u just go bk 2 suking some bungie cock ?

  • Prof. Paddy

    Bungie…that gameplay is happening on the side of Gaia’s arm and the camera is just about to move out onto the huge scale of the leviathon. The textures have most likely been downscaled for that to happen…there are much higher-res texture else where.

  • Jose

    wow bungie is hating hard on the GOW3 trailer, go back to ur RROD

  • Temmet

    Fucking awesome. I can sell my clothes for it but I’ll buy this game in day one!

  • fusionflows

    Oh dang Bungie. That screenshot you posted looks pretty good. The blood splatter looks clean.

  • Temmet

    Hey, don’t bitch at Bungie. He has, HALO! and Halo, and HALO! who needs a PS3 when you can have that?!

  • the unleashed666

    you all do know that bungie is a troll from n4g seen many of his comments left and right on every article too bad the kid has no life.

  • wow

    You’re still here Bungie?

  • SonyJunkie

    WOW!! That shit looks amazing. If that is all ingame, I am in love and this is easily one of the best if not the best looking game.

  • Nick

    It IS all in-game.

  • big bird

    bungie ur such a tool fanboy!

  • God of war

    Fuck you bungie

  • Bungie sux

    u know guys Bungie got kicked out from N4G because of his stupid
    childhood trolling , and now he’s trolling all over the net , just how sad is he ?

  • dirtyd89

    Response: Bungie
    Sorry to burst your bubble Bungie but your the biggest fanboy I’ve ever seen on N4G.
    You call yourself a true gamer you would play all systems and all games.
    I can admit PS3 started off kinda bad but now it’s made a huge comeback, has hella games (It already did back in 2007 you were just to ignorant to notice.), improved it’s features, is at an affordable price point, and the ads are great.
    Why can’t you just accept PS3/360 are both great consoles w/ 2 great experiences and just move on?
    (What bothers me the most about you is how you can accept Microsoft making an unreliable console and an online service where you pay $50/year to only get 3 features that PSN doesn’t have? i.e: cross game chat, voice messages, and private messages.)
    Also I think it’s so f***ing funny how to think this console war is real and you troll N4G and now this site in order to stir up controversy about misguided facts and you believe everything the media tells you.
    Either get a life or grow the f*** up cuz your being immature.

  • daniel mccue

    @ paddy that second image link you posted if you zoon in to kratos face it looks like he has a tear in his eye :O

  • Prof. Paddy

    I expect it’s just the rain…though he does erratically punch the ground…perhaps in a fit of charged emotion? 😀 But look to the left and the extreme detail on those marble statues!

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  • SpoonPower

    This trailer rocked my socks off. Really nice work, I’m so pumped for this game!
    I wasn’t really planning on getting it right away… but now I might have to.

  • Wannk ma Toe

    Looks good

  • Prof. Paddy

    Nice name lol

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  • taus90

    Ahem who is this bungie, where is his post and what did he say, that u guys want to pawn on him so bad, please Iet me join too

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  • StarSpeed

    The new God of War 3 trailer looks good. This game is going to be so good that it will probably win Game of the Year award.

  • Bungie

    Im gay I can’t help it

  • DontPushThat

    I just jizzed in my pants….

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