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White Knight Chronicles 2 debut trailer

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While the other parts of the world are still eagerly anticipating the release of White Knight Chronicles. Sony and Level-5 revealed at TGS 09 the first trailer for the sequel to White Knight Chronicles, titled White Knight Chronicles 2: Light and Dark.

For those of you that don’t know, as it currently stands White Knight Chronicles is the highest selling HD JRPG in Japan to date. With over 350,000 copies sold White Knight Chronicles has proven to be a success for Sony and Level-5 as it has outsold every Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii exclusive JRPGs in the region. And with the success of the re-release of Tales of Vesperia, we hope that Japanese developers see the potential The PS3 has when it comes to moving units on their games.

We’ll as you wait for 2010 to roll around for a chance to play WKC1, feast your eyes on this beauty of a trailer for WKC2.

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Comments (4)

  • Skynet4EVER

    That look so awesome!!! I want the first one now!!! XD

  • LastBoss

    Looks promising!

  • criss_core

    I don’t think it everything man. I think they should of put more time in it

  • Kratos

    Looks better then the first. Which Ive yet to play btw :(

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