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Zack Fair Confirmed For Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

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Good news, for all of you Final Fantasy VII fans. A leaked scan today has revealed that Cloud Strife’s best friend Zack Fair will be appearing in the PSP-exclusive Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.

For those of you not to familiar with Zack, he was the man who Cloud looked up to while serving as a grunt in the Shinra army. Zack was also the leading man in the PSP game, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and was hailed as one of the best heroes in gaming by various outlets in 2008. Seeing Zack get some cameo love is a welcomed surprise.

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Comments (10)

  • Jimmy

    It will be hard not buying a PSP for this game…

  • SpoonPower

    I got Crisis Core just two days ago, this is awesome news! Haha

  • TheScourge

    I don’t want to be mean or anything, but… he looks kinda gay…. and…what’s with the skirt??? I don’t remember Zack wearing a skirt in Crisis Core…

  • Azheim

    Lol obviously it’s because he’s in Olympus Coliseum, duh. That’s why he’s got a “skirt.”

    Anyway, this is thrilling news! I think I had a happy moment when I found this out. He does looks somewhat…different in Kingdom Hearts style, to put it nicely. But I’m ecstatic about this nonetheless.

  • Angel

    i gotta pick up a psp

  • RentAHero

    Yea, I am definitely getting this.

  • cierra

    im sooo happy zack is in the new kingdom hearts!!! Zack is a great character!!

  • Hozi

    Yay!…Zack seems like an awesome character…Too bad I still havn’t played FFVII: Crisis Core. I’ll be sure to get this game at month end, along with a psp : )

  • unkoun

    im sooo happy to cierra

  • unknown

    damn he is one of the greates characters in the history of videogames

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