Call of Duty heading for the PS Vita this Fall

Senior Vice President of PlayStation marketing, Guy Longworth, said in a recent interview with Game Trailers TV that his teenage sons are looking forward to Call of Duty on the PS Vita “in the autumn.” He also stated that, “we think that’s going to be an absolute game-changer for the platform.”

While details beyond that are slim to none-existent, Guy also went on to say that all of Sony’s first-party developers will be working on projects for the Vita, including the Call of Duty title.

It isn’t for sure at this moment whether or not the Call of Duty in question will be a Vita specific title or a port from a console version. Either way, this will definitely be a strong game for the system. Are you looking forward to a Call of Duty on the Vita? Do you think it will be exclusively for the Vita, or a port?

[Source: IGN]

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  1. As much as I dislike the COD series because of a number of reasons, I do want one on the Vita, hopefully an exclusive, to drive up the sales. I want Vita to do well and if they have to get another COD game on it to help out, so be it.

  2. Now THIS will be interesting. I wonder how much of it will stay the same and if there are any compensations to be made when bringing it to this handheld. I highly doubt it will take advantage of the touch pad or touch screen though.

    • Well they’re going to have to use the touch pad and/or screen because there aren’t any L2,R2,L3,or R3 buttons and those are used for sprinting, tossing gernades, etc. But yeah it’s definitely going to be interesting. I know of a few people that would love to play COD on the Vita.

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