COD: Black Ops details and trailer

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There is a good chance every website you visit today is going to milk the hell out of Call of Duty: Black Ops and the multiplayer reveal event last night — we’re not going to do that. Instead of spreading things across 5+ articles, we’re going to give you everything you basically need to know just in this one piece. Not only will this make your experience a better one, but it won’t result in your Twitter being overloaded with the same nonsense over and over throughout the day.

First off, let’s get the basic details down. This list of information came from NeoGAF, so thanks to them for making this a lot easier.

– There are Pro Perks, no stopping power
– Secondaries: are pistols, crossbow, and launchers
– Equipment: Camera Spike, C4, TI, Jammer, motion sensor, Claymore.
– Tier One Perks: Lightweight. Scavenger. Ghost. Flak Jacket. Hardline
– Tier Two Perks – Hardened. Scout. Steady Aim. Sleight of Hand. Warlord.
– Tier Three Perks: Marathon. Ninja. Second Chance. Hacker. Tactical Mask
– Lethal Grenades: Tomahawk. Frag. Semtex.
– Tactical Grenades – Willy Pete (smoke), Nova Gas, Flash Bang, Concussion, Decoy
– Launchers: M72, RPG, Strela, China Lake
– Sleight of Hand, Steady Aim are back
– Tier 1 Perk choices show up on your character – flak jacket, scavenger, etc.
– When you sprint and go prone, you dive
– 50 ranks for prestige
CTF confirmed
– Killstreaks come form kills you get yourself, don’t count kills from other killstreaks
– Map names: Fuel, Summit, Cracked, and Radiation
– Spectator Mode
– No Juggernaut, stopping power
– Bling called Overlord, Tier 2 Perk

Secondly, this second set of information comes from Gaming Everything and includes all of the details you need to know about Wager Matches and the in-game currency.

– Can play with bots
– Combat Training: sort of like multiplayer training
– Combat training has a progression system (not the same one as online)
– Combat Training designed for those who don’t play online
– When creating a class, can see your character on the menu
– New weapons in Care Packages
– These weapons include the Death Machine and Grim Reaper
– Death Machine is a mini gun
– Grim Reaper is a grenade launcher
– Killstreak rewards include Napalm Strike, Gunship, Mortar Team, the Radio Controller Car, SAM Turret
SAM Turret can take down a chopper
– Currency: Earn money (CP)
– Buy contracts with CP
– Contracts are limited challenges
– Mercenaries, Operations, Specialist categories for challenges
– Particular gameplay and achievements for the challenges
– Better reward for a more difficult contract
– Wager Match: gambling, bet points during a match
– Top three players earn points from the pot
– Four new modes for Wager Match
– Sticks and Stones: Crossbow and throwing knife available
– Gun Game: Have a pistal, obtain more weapons with more kills
– Sharpshooter: Every player has the same weapon, unlock perks per kill
– Customization: Player emblem, red dot, color pattern, different gun colors with decals, targeting reticule
– Emblem editor (includes images, layers, background)
– Theater Mode: Choose a player’s perspective (first or third-person)
– Can remove the camera in theater mode and move it around freely
– Tag, edit, search videos in the theater

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Finally, here is the Wager Match debut trailer from last night and one thing we’d like to note is that Counter Strike players will probably be pissed off about how “innovative” Treyarch is being with its Black Ops multiplayer aspect.

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  1. some of the modes are retarded .. none of em which discourages camping …

  2. Meh, all the content is there but to mix it in with one of the worst franchises out there is a big turnoff.

  3. I agree with Hero. Also, I think the Wager idea is cool, but I’m pretty sure the implementation will suck.

  4. this looks way better than mw2

  5. Duel wielding returns .. no thank you ……Quality died with COD4 ..

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