Dark Souls to be 1.5x larger than Demon’s Souls

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Dark Souls is From Software’s unofficial sequel to its PlayStation 3 exclusive Demon’s Souls. According to Game Director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, despite being an unofficial sequel, you can expect the two titles to offer up similar gameplay that also includes vast changes to make the experiences a bit different than one another. While Demon’s Souls was about traversing certain levels in order to reach an objection, Dark Souls will allow the user to explore the world uninterrupted in order to create his or her own unique adventure.

“No. In Demon’s Souls, the design was based around individual levels so exploration was only within particular environments. Now we’re allowing users to explore the entire world, without interruption. That’s an important step up for Dark Souls,” he said.

However, that’s not the only change being implemented as the world around our hero has grown exponentially as well. Apparently, the world is roughly one and a half times larger than Demon’s Souls as well — which should make for a much longer gaming experience than the previous one.

“For simplicity of explanation, as compared to Demon’s Souls, the map will be approximately 1.5 times the size. It may feel even bigger to the players,” Miyazaki told 1UP.

Miyazaki added: “Not so much hidden maps, but there will be areas that are hidden away that are not critical to game completion. In regards to side-quests, they won’t be stated as specific quests, but we will implement small events to encourage players to create their own mini objectives.”

So, how many of you are looking forward to Dark Souls? Be honest, are you one of the few who completed Demon’s Souls or did the difficulty cause you to run away like a little girl to cry on message boards? It’s ok to tell the truth, you can always redeem yourself in the upcoming title.

Readers Comments (4)

  1. victorgodamnsullivan February 24, 2011 @ 16:25

    I could only beat the second boss lol. That game really tries my patience.

  2. There is no wrong they can do with this game. I’m pumped.

  3. im raped at demons souls and i have a platinum trophy in it. don’t believe me? look me up coltsrgr8 is my psn its the only game i have ever played that i have like enough to try for a plat trophy. and i am very pumped for darksouls i will be getting this day 1 for certain.

  4. I’m really looking forward to Dark Souls. Demon’s Souls is the best game ever and I’m not far from getting a plat on it. I will only buy two games this year: Dark Souls and Resistance 3.

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