Debut NHL 11 Physics Screenshot

While I’m in Vancouver to check out NHL 11 this week, EA Canada has released its debut screenshot for NHL 11. In the shot, EA shows off its brand new physics engine that will be showcased throughout the game. If you look closely, you will notice a good amount of changes from NHL 10 to NHL 11.

Check out the screen below with some detail.

One of first things you probably didn’t notice is that the player being checked isn’t carrying a stick. Why? Because it’s laying on the ice in the background broken in half. This is one of the newest additions to the game and should make for some interesting play. If you’ve been paying attention to the NHL Playoffs, the Montreal Canadiens will tell you how much it sucks to be a man down without a stick…it’s brutal.

Another thing you should take away from this screenshot is the physics behind this check as well. In previous installment, a hip check like this one would result in an almost magnet-like check that would connect both players’ hips. This time however, it’s clear that the Penguins star is being up-ended from his legs.

Do you guys notice anything else?

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  1. They haven’t added detachable sticks yet? It’s cool feature, but it seems a little late.


  3. donĀ“t the guys look a little cellshade-style?

  4. BellyBouncer May 23, 2010 @ 07:26

    The Pitt player is holding a stick its just pointed up cuz of the hit

  5. I’m skipping all sports games this year.

  6. Noticed that the bench still looks straight ahead rather than at the action

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