Dyer: “We way oversold on PS3 versus 360, given the installed base.”

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In a recent interview with IndustryGamers, Rob Dyer, SCEA Senior Vice President of Publisher Relations discussed exactly how pleased Sony is with their ability to move software on the PlayStation 3 console. One of the key aspects Dyer points out about the 360 is that with a 2:1 lead in console sales throughout North America, third-party publishers should expect to sell two times more units on the 360 in comparison to the PlayStation 3.

“They had a year’s head start against us, so we’ve been playing catch-up ball. Before the price cut, they had a two-to-one advantage; if you were a third-party publisher looking at the index, you should have been selling twice the number of units on the 360 as you would on the PS3. So what we did when following a particular title was see if we over or under-indexed against that,” states Dyer.

“So for instance, with a title like Madden, I think the index was 1.4 to 1.0, which meant we way oversold on PS3 versus 360, given the installed base. That’s only going to get better and better as the installed base continues to grow.”

These figures speak pretty loudly for the unbalanced software sales. While some Public Relation specialists from Microsoft will have you believe that Sony’s software sales are poor in comparison, the fact that Sony is carrying a 7.7 attach rate to Microsoft’s roughly 8.7 confirms a lot of what Dyer is saying.

Despite the near 2:1 in sales ratio for units sold, Sony has a lot of positive momentum carrying them into 2010. While January NPD numbers weren’t in their favor, the rest of the world spoke volumes with strong sales in Japan and what is believed to be strong sales in Europe as well.

Readers Comments (13)

  1. It will only get better.

    Good thing all companies are doing great though.


  3. …and why is this imprtant?

  4. Man, these PR guys spin numbers better than most politicians 😛

  5. Except that Modern Warfare 2 outsold on Xbox 360 at around 2:1 PS3 and the ratio isn’t much better even considering installed bases. Most of these numbers are unverifiable and most likely spin and its the bottom line dollar that’s more important to publishers. The statement should have been forward looking.

  6. Is it still true that the PS3 still makes more money for 3rd party developers?

  7. this sounds great and all…i just hope something grand happens this year…idk

    perhaps the sales of 360 are because of um…..multiple sales from RRoD and piracy?

    so yeah, sony is actually doing a bit better than they say they are

  8. I’ve been interested to see if the sales are due to RRoD failures, as Dr. Moogle said. When you think of it, there’s a LOT of 360 owners who have to repair theirs for like 4 times and what do they do when the warranty’s off? Buy a new one?

  9. but we still dont have a game like halo to sell 10 million copies of

  10. we dont need a game like halo we wont to show them that were better then halo cause thats all microsoft has.

  11. @xero: that may be true…but Halo, Mass Effect, and GeoW is basically the only franchises holding them up

    look at it this way: even tho they may get more sales than us, we still get more given out install base….and the 360 base is mainly filled with shooter enthusiasts. I see this as a great accomplishment on Sony’s side

    also, excuse my nitpicking but:

    “They had a year’s head start against us, so we’ve been playing catch-up ball.”

    i see no point of saying catch-up BALL…..idk, it just sounded really awkward

  12. Sony selling well makes it better for the whole industry. That just makes the other companies have to step up in innovation, quality, & game development. I would like to see games like Dead or Alive & Ace Combat fully developed on the PS3.

    @ Moogle: I agree, I think the main software titles is what is holding the 360 up right now. Alot of 360 owners have been waiting for 2 things on the PS3: 1) price drop 2) more titles. That’s definitely here. Unless, Microsoft gets it together, they will get left behind. But that’s their fault…too many issues.

  13. The sales number are lower for the PS3 software than the Xbox 360, but I think that will change this year. Sony has a lot of great games coming out this year and they will definitely sell well.

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